Monday Words:2,086 words Novelistic inspirations,Verbatim notes, and commenting on Education and need for traditional academic subjects in formative school years

2,086 words.

I have a Voice problem and need to get out of the dreaded Nanowrimo influences which have their part into the world of novelling more inhabited by the OU MIT etc. Nanowrimo has had a bad influence although I think  that they share something that Dorothea Brand says about writing anything and everything and not worrying about the qaulity thereof.

I wish I had a well read literary  background! I wish I was tanked up and I was in the know! I would have the capacity to engage in writing from who said what in what novel and with an interpretative and philosophical viewpoint. As it is the cart seems to be before the horse and my life is upside down wrong way up once again. MISDIAGNOSES and MARGINS may be a lethal life affecting combination working its’ own difficulties requiring the strength to make one hell of a lemonade factory out of the many horrible lemons that have come hurtling my way.

I am a solid traditional subject lady.Vocation has its place SURE I would do provided I did, solid academic degrees as and when what  I wanted; and a hefty number of vocationals in the requisite subjects.

  1. Secretarial and Administration
  2. IT and Computing including designing and creating my own PC.
  3. Cooking and Chef, Catering Assistant skills ALPHA and HYGEINE is my opportunity, ambition realised, health problems** not withstanding in humble service undergirded by prayer of SJC = multiplication of much appreciated gift of cooking along with the many fine chefs in our family; brother in law to be, sister, sister original family, mummy. God has answered prayer for friends who dont know how to cook praise the lord.
  4. Media gifts would be good the older and more dignified demeanor of radio 4 rather than youth obsessed bbc model.
  5. Journalism is always a good idea write accurate copy to deadlines.

Word wise I must NAME posts MONDAY Tuesday etc Words so I get into habit of putting in my daily worlds.

Almost 300 onto 2000 words. so 700 words till finish.

338 word count

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