Globalization as Cold War Public Lecture Public Lecture Podcast

PhD Student giving Public Lecture Key Honour.
Handout LEARN given to Attendees.

Public Lecture No 2 today; IGB Player.
COLD WAR History Détente US- centric emphasis. US Politics Kate de facto supply of US led materials from Ivy Leaguers. Diplomatic History.
How he is going to go directions.
Human Rights ideological globalisation. Nation States building blocks of
Globalization of finance destabilized Bretton Woods. Political Economy of Containment organizing Western World under American Leadership.
BW allowed restriction of finance across. Prioritization of national finance over global.
George Shulz Globalization started with him.

Brief notes a more complete set of notes would bring notes up to 700-1000 words (2 pages of 500 non -formatted words)

106 words

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