Book 36 Nick Crossley ‘Contesting Psychiatry:Social Movements in Mental Health I unexpectedly am emailed Research Proposal Draft to review and comment on

100 Academic Books This Year 2007??? Reading List


Thursday, 26 July 2007
7:24:58 PM:

Fantasy Paper and Actual Paper

Book 36 Contesting Psychiatry: Social Movements in Mental Health
NEW Unexpected Research Proposal Bid to review and comment on so Reading Programme accelerated and increased to take above into account.
Revised Reading List
Friere Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Baro Writings for a Liberation Psychology
Laclau Emancipations

Foucault Madness and Civilization
Foucault The Archeology of Knowledge
Bauman Liquid Modernity (CONTEXT GLOBALISATION)
Sennett The Corrosion of Character (CONTEXT GLOBALISATION)

LATER EDIT end of 2008,  to bring post word count to 200 words GLOBALIZATION phenomenon (LSE etc) impacts on employment for lowest paid, social mobility and social stratification, life chances (Weber, Essex University Sociology)

It is wise to factor in economic realities such as corporatism, big business increasingly powerful influence in political realm (extensive web searches) I would not do draft thing  justice without acknowledging such key factors.

242 words

Papers on HDD
CONTEXT Economic Financial Social Global Political Policy Outputs
ISER Persistent Disadvantage Berthoud
Life’s Labour Lost MHF Service Users
Representation of Disabled Devenny PhD Thesis
Denise Jodelet***

Quick Review of Book
A helpful account of the history of the various movements in mental health which have shaped the scene, there is definitely room however to include the Government Takeover of SMO’s by the government thus depriving users of their independent voice (Charity variant).

Crossley has some useful references and sources to take note of and google in Scholar.

173 words

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