Public Lecture:’Hope or Despair:Low paid work in US and Europe’

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26 January 2009 4:30pm

Public Lecture Short  Notes Repeat view to do full Lecture Notes of 700-1000 words factor into overall wordage

Hope or Despair, The Future of Low Paid Work in US and Europe’

The need for jobs in Hospitals, Hotels etc per se need that is.

Nurse Assistants just apprentice nurses. Rather than segmented dead end job in its self. Trade off low pay high unemployment. Crude provisonal answer.

Does not seem inevitable Denmark lowest. (notes muddled at this point)

Mrs T abolished Fair Wage Legislation.

High Labour Participation Policy Blair Brown rationale behind it, competitiveness (The inclusion of disabled, over 50’s etc)

(too tired) danish flexescurity model.

Where no trend relatively stable institutions. KEY POINT**

The british have had very unstable insitutions.

I don’t think systems style darwinianism going on here.

Bad deal even with in[state given] work benefits.

Country training and skills obsession Rhetoric and reality gaps per se.’Education, Education, Education’ Blairs slogan at inception.

very crude interpretation of human capital theory if we get x then y turns out.

Someone’s going to be doing the lousy jobs FACT OF LIFE

High valued added, high skilled.. high value added production don’t see movement in but this is clearly what is needed.

National minimum wage as an economist used to worry about job effects and so forth.

Firms reacted by higher costs by knocking out so somebody’s paid.


I could build it into a Template

VIDEO DELETED to save HDD space. At this rate it is going to be a long time!! ]3 HDD including mass of material on External HDD of 500GB.

252 Scant Words

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