Book 13 ‘Eat that Frog’ Brian Tracey

I got this book as a result of an FT promotion of a Series of books to promote business. My reasoning is that if it is good enough for them it is good enough for me.
I read book through in 2 days which hindered enjoyment as the book is meant to be digested and acted on before the next days reading. ( this assumes firm goals, achievable objectives that can be measured ie be promoted by my boss in 10 years;very helpful for one such as me on the margins. The book follows formulaic struture, quote and then lesson. The lessons are then built up to penultimate lesson ending with a summary chapter of lessons learned with the epithet ‘EAT THAT FROG’.
The eating of frog epithet pops up with predictable regularity which detracts from his true message. This is irritating so the just message is lost in the sloganeering.
i have not tested theories yet and self improvement volumes that assume agency automony and total rationality plus normal careers require reinterpretation as per usaul into one’s circumstances.

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