Mondays Words almost 2,300 words Word Count Post

According to a very rough calculation I did 7000 words over a period of time. I seem to have not acknowledged this or had a way to calculate the probably considerable amounts of work I actually do in my quest to combine the two holy activities of Readin’ and Writin’.(dialect and inflexion is a deliberate device).

I stupidly have made a rod for my own back. Like my piles of podcasts to RSS feeds to facebook apps way out of control which will require drastic deletion so counting up will have to be through scrolling, noting and turning through all 320 posts in order to get figures on this blog 2,400 words now (!!). Then The Governmental Goals blog requires similar treatment; heaven only knows how many words I have penned over a lifetime of the Project which began on The Governmental Goals of God TV which has taught me is teaching me how to write; even though my blogs fall short of the glories of other blogs. (It dismays me to see how high the standard is of other blogs compared to mine but still PEOPLE VISIT, I GET SERIOUS VISITORS AND WHAT I HAVE TO SAY MATTERS).

Writing has been a very haphazard process where I have published JUST TO GET IT DONE instead of being worn down by the ceaseless quest for perfection despite a commitment not to produce word perfect work on First draft. By the way this is all First Draft or first write. This is off the pen so to speak so if people respond and visit then I must be doing something right even if I need many improvements; as writing is an art to be worked on and practiced on in all it’s aspects till relief, release, ease, understanding comes.

2,400? 2,500 words at the most? not bad ay.

This is Mondays Words report back whilst listening to the Ouch Podcasts.

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