2000 Words just on a FX Update

Verbatim notes which took a while to edit in order to get out by tonight to update the FX Seven Update Group now a specific group on my Gmail account.
Verbatim Deep, own notes, In this instance I am with the help of the SJC Leaders aiming to come alongside and be with FX in her difficulties, mental illness, layers of encrusted pain; one layer on top of another and to gently with her support see these pains exposed and encrustrations removed with her help permission together.
I have the challenge of re-learning to be her friend again and have a laugh as we did prior to this disturbing change of identity leading to an unseating of all her positive behaviours and wellbeing.
It is so easy to adopt counsellor role even though I am actually counselling her. Our times together mean I need to get on her ‘amening’ yessing agreement in order to bring her forward. I am blessed and fortunate if she self-discloses to me those moments are magic but I cannot say x is y abc to her, it is an underground subtle process, a creeping under the pain with her permission and backing off if she clearly rejects, rejects my approach.
A Wonderful Article I read on How to Write 5000 words a day

There is an article a favourite article about a writer who can do 15,000 words in a day. At my current rate that would be difficult. I prefer to work within my limits and get a consistent habit as I have with the 2000 word limit. 2000 words feels more natural.3000 words is another lot of two x 500 word segments which needs pushing to the target.
I wish WordPress which has a strong customer ethos as far as updating and improving software – would reinstate the automatic word count faccility. There is no way of knowing my word count short of copy and paste into WP and click ‘word count’.
The same relax as I update phenomenon is repeating itself once again.
So how many words to add to my 2000 already done??!!

345 word count Word press algorithm

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