The Fate of Culture:Geetz and Beyond

Books, Papers, Things of Note to enhance Bibliography,

This volume brings together seven leading scholars from four disciplines to take a fresh look at Clifford Geertz’s work, and to consider the continuing implications of his work in the contemporary context

I got onto this book (NOT YET READ OR BROUGHT) NEW EDIT. I think i heard of Geetz via Philosophers Zone an unsurprisingly popular podcast hailing from Australia. I got onto PZ because I was fed up with Melyn Bragg establishment acceptance and needed an academic voice instead.

 One of many ideas for my library just as Professor David Graeber Public Lecture at LSE put me onto Anthropology as an interest/Library interest.

Malcolm Carrithers

Levi Strausss

David Graeber

are examples of high quality texts to add to my literature of which I am highly aware.

I have to edit 370 posts with ‘highly aware of” not got this book but highly aware of it to inclusion on Amazon Wishlist and Social Science Bibliography Literature Review attempted in some mean form here.


95 word count

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