35 pages of Sheilds’Blackwell GUIDE to Ancient Philosophy’ and 842 now written words

I have now begun a Research Diary, one of my finds on the Net and now I am able to log my finds, feelings, angsts etc knowing this is ok to do and that this is what the Pro’s do.

Words Written 534 Diary words, an attempt to get friends of mine in Cambodia updated, very rough clumsy words. (maybe fluency aids friendship as does relaxation and repeated exposure as in my case),

Timing it is now 2pm in the morning which is why I will NOT attempt do do the remaining 2,500 words. It would have been a good exercise to just write out what I have learnt. Dogmatic apprehension philosophies Stoicism and Epicurionism, Aristotle Psychology, Aristotle Forms, Plato Forms ( I notice both have forms), ataraxy normal without pertubations for an abnormal psychology. Different Schools popping up everywhere overall. Alexandria is in NORTH AFRICA take note. Atomism, physics (science integral to Schools i note) the decline in maths and science would be frowned upon in ancient times an alarming fact and that something I am prepared to take action on. Atomism and materialism, no causation by divine entity. (greek mythology is full of a panopoly of Gods who do various things on their poor subjects, Homers Odyessy is on my You Tube list, get lectures relating this on youtube she says hopefully with LEARNING content). living for now.

Aristotle is not an up to date philosopher of the mind ( a completly unknown area  that has something to do with analytic philosophy (more ignorance). but he is worth exploring for on philosophy of the mind issues. Important debates hotly debated. Key names Searle, Nussbaum, . His emphasis on current debates is important and honest. This perhaps is to save one from one worrying too much from coming on this side or other. Aristotle theory that he is functionalist (nussbaum).

Research Diary

I have an blank problem. The BLANK problem is to do with how this comes about in general terms (LSE has book on it which one must get) and in more centred terms ie this group N. problems of agency and self determination conflict with coercian and forcing. Politics political power is also a factor or rather its lack. Q of political power and ideology per se. RESEARCH COMMUNITIES METHODOLOGIES key key. in fact there is two groups here. The powerful group has some things to say but further investigation is needed and a hell of lot of DISTANCING from EITHER SIDE only using as proper as possible methodology, being as academic as possible, drawing on literally every academic bone in my body. No matter 20 years out. Your average UG is not exposed as I am. Or PG? COMPARE METHODOLOGIES, worry about weak side and come in with my observations x y z needs to happen plus my pedagogies deficient though they are, at least they pay lip service? to the good and proper methods theories philosophies present in academia. How to deal with Asysmetry and political power and academic power! Challenge from Powerful side!!! (journal citation would give it away but I sent a Professor a copy of the Paper in question) Edgy work edgy. If academia hasn’t sussed BLANK question how should I. But if i am right about THEORY A B CA express in d e f  THEN then!

Philosophy books helpful in this regard. How to BE (not yet read Heidegger ‘Being and Time’ NOT YET READ Sartre ‘Being and Nothingness’ both existentialist texts.

For my sins i now a mass of analytic guides on HDD to correct JUST hyper awareness of Continental philosophy and its wonders. Why are so few Uni’s concentrating on it and one in US. Marcuse Book Review on youtube with affable warm chap listened to. Design playlist with Research Draft, concentrate on FEW or one or two rather than even try to attempt something that our friends in academia would do. Marcuse said, Hegel,Kant , or Searle, Aristotle, Plato, date time of reference, we have a problem with X.

POLITICS is now high up on learning agenda. Government and Politics and Idealogy is essential.

Philosophies relating Essentialism? existentialism, phenomenology. We have a problem of too few studies around phenomenology and BLANK. THIS SCARES SHIT OUT ME. Names of Academics and Research Institutes come to mind. My helps  from Family and Friends stonkingly first class direct and relevant and one follows up. Major methodology book to actually read to completion THIS YEAR and wonder how on earth i get to learn this key major cited and critiqued methodology. How would this be introduced into Area X?? 842 words

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