Tuesday Late: I did 3,098 words today following a more lenient gentle pattern Academic, Fiction Attempt and Diary

Academic Words 1000 Words, fiction part  a strange amalgam of random word and random paragraph from the Random Word Plus Generator Site which made for interesting story that needs more developing. Academic Words few notes on Aristotle’s Psychology, Anima now onto Perception. It would be good to have book 12 to add to shameful pile of books when I needed a far higher reading rate this year. If I have a much needed bath I will be late to bed and late nights are mucking up my patterns. thinking of way round feet problem to make them nice pre chiropody appointment for future. 5 apples have not been used. Ham not sliced (value ham is wonderful by the way made from gammon cooked in slow cooker with right vegetables)

I keep going round in circles like hamster in a cage and prose feels stilted. Agh well second 3000 words to add to this weeks amount. I am suspecting I am depressed. My sister said I sounded ‘downtrodden and sad’ which is about the sum of it. Rubbish to take out and lots of catching up on washing up but flat is looking like another kettle of fish. I must regenerate rejuvenate my reading programme. TV is probably taking too much time. God TV and the Judges Shenanigans and the other difficult difficult circumstance academically that desperately needs to be normal/healthy with capital made on all adversities.

240 words plus 3,098 almost 3,300 words total. well done kate

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