1,334 words yesterday a day of BIG Visitors on Both Blogs making me feel I need to justify my position with no apparent solution to needs in sight

Words done Monday 1,344 Blog Words, Academic Commentary Words due to nature of Visitors on sites this one and it’s companion http://thegovernmentalgoalsofgodtvpart2.wordpress.com/ Where I have had to literally become a sleuth in order to get at the facts hidden from all but the proper eyes at God TV.

No Academic Outpouring on the lines of everything I have ever read/scanned/been highly acutely aware of** just a continuous perusal of the blogs as I have seen major visitors come in and realised the dangers of holding ANY position but neutral and impartial as possible, whilst trying to solve the interminable problems posed by that word ’emancipatory’. Coupled with inadequete resources, an capacity to get hold of really first class Papers/Sources/Books I am beginning now to see how this whole area of ‘research’ is well nigh cursed. I expect all this googling will be misunderstood by the Academy who won’t eqaute Google searches with an actual need to  adhere to pedagogy which is, as FAR AS POSSIBLE conforming to the best practices in academia. Hence any sensible person has HDD chock a block with Public Lecture and Course Podcasts; the best Library/ies possible, the best advice (unexpected) possible, and a watchfulness of the ‘scene; from the disadvantaged vantage point of Google Scholar. I KNOW this does not make INSTITUTIONAL sense as if it did maybe user IP’S would be good on a whole plethora of sites not just those that are OPEN. Already I speak gobbledygook.

 Academic Words will need to be struggled through just as I learn to write Blog Words and indeed whole Blog enterprise is something I am still learning about. I still fall short of the glory of other blogs; yet I have SERIOUS visitors, SERIOUS conversations, SERIOUS Resources, SERIOUS awareness of Google Academe.

Education and University are two outstanding problems I don’t know how to resolve short of DIY my FIRST COURSE which allows me to go off in all sorts of directions REGARDLESS of what is going on in the User Research Scene AND Academia (!!!), whilst seeking all the time access information that tells me that ‘unjust theories of justice’ are the done thing NOT even original theories philosophies as expounded by various famous philosophers. (Marx and new Marxism etc) Only Rawls seems to have a standaolone theory that is discussed as rights theory justice theory in and of it’s own right and I am horribly unaware of any changes and adjustments to in light of furious discussions on the Journals and or other means.

 ‘Service User’ Academe IS NOT THE PLACE TO START DIY ACADEMIC STUDY IN EARNEST. Bog Standard Academe is the place to be at it’s highest quality and qauntity point. However, it is too much of an opportuntity NOT to make the most of as I am convinced the Academics ARE NOT GETTING IT; evidence of papers i have on HDD suggests this.

 Maybe this is a beautiful chance to strike out in an UNJUST fashion, or adopt AGEIST strategies, or deliberately find self justification for hostile actions.

I am more than aware of politics of Survivor research scene. I have policy documents and now how policy is configured and much more than. I don’t wish to dismiss biological explanations but I refuse to be limited by them as if that is the only way to see human beings. I wish I had the science education to as high as degree as possible to access these agendas from as strong and wise a place as possible. I hate my spoiled image. I love my theory thing. I love my independence. Things have happened of a Promotional Nature of unbelievable import.

At least a few video podcasts of lectures and courses should help. I wish I could afford private lessons for deficiences so I change my identity from A- B.

It is hard to do anything of any report from the margins and vantage point  of  of survivor user academe.


682 words

656 word count

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