Second lot of 3000 words meaning 6000 words including Fiction and Academic Catharsis Words

The Fiction element went surprisingly well. I managed to design a short story around  a couple of events inject a bit of fantasy and give it a good end.

  Academic Words were definitely the hardest but Journal and Diary words seem to have difficulties hithertoo not recognised.

 With journal and diary words the trick I use is to try to write about absolutely anything and everything. No holds barred. It is uncensored, uninhibited and intentionally free as a bird.

If I work as a Writer then my imagination goes off in any direction it wants I use whatever resources I have to get what I want within reason and success is defined in going where I will imagination wise, essential for living. Vital for self expression the ‘me-ness’ of my writing’

Reading seems to literally put stuff into me much as you would infuse a teabag in hotwater or subject yourself to a deeply immersive process.

For me Reading is immersive, engaging. Whereas Writing is expressive and facciliating.

Short post as late at night and the bed is looking tempting.

180 words post

3,180 word for day DONE!

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