How was it to write my Academic Words in a 1000 word quota? DAY TWO

How was  it to write my Academic Words in a 1000 word quota? DAY TWO


A struggle just pushing through to the 1000 word mark. I had to look at books in order to remember things I have read over a long long period of time without catharsis and outpouring everything you have downloaded read debated brought kept archived, saved on HDD, discussed. Every word was a struggle. Memories would spill out and off I would go on subject x or subject y what I knew of was aware of key facts or heightened state of intellectual awareness. Writing the HOW WAS IT words provides relief and perspective. I relax and more academic words concepts seem to come out my being.. Music in background UCB for music (but nothing else!) Music for relaxation and tuning in. Youtube plays a major major central pivotal role in this respect as does the internet in me learning to free the ME that is lurking within as it tries to make sense of circumstances, history , current affairs, news inputs through subject limited areas e.g Philosophy, Literature NEW and KEY, ( I wish I had a high intensive exposure to Literature Before all this writing ever ever took place because I have not got exposure to literature and books and knowledge I feel deficient. I have spent far too much reading non fiction books to my detriment and image spoiling. Art and Academics complement eachother. So far I have 2000 words of academic and intellectual outpouring to my name a target I can slowly bring up, by writing on single subjects or pouring out a messy pile on the page which don’t make sense as an outpouring other than the critical mission to GET IT ALL OUT ON THE PAGE to review at my leisure. words total in document so far I might stay up all night and have rest tommorow and attempt to force myself out into the freezing cold to get much needed physical exercise.. Tesco Circuits ten x five = sixty minutes. An hour with shopping trolley works wonders and it makes the staff laugh at my clever incredulity. Which on the face of it is a sleight of genius

1,386 words total in 3000 word target document. 372 words in wordpress blog document.

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