It’s Saturday Night: I have done my first compulsory 1000 Academic Words off the top of my head

 How I found Writing First Thousand Academic Words a literal outpouring of whats in my heart mind and soul.


I found writing my academic words a literal outpouring of everything I know of and have heard about to be quite a difficult exercise. I stopped at least eight times during the exercise to check word count. I poured out what I  read from whatever source. I poured out theories of mine. Including academic words or taking a lenient more gentle attitude to myself is a good idea. Formats that make word count easy are better than my monstrous commitment to accumulating piles and piles of work to do; be it podcast library up to a week 2.6GB 2 days 48 hours .Average duration 1hour or 1.!/2 with Q&A.. I am mentally exhausted. Take note of every occasion of mental exhaustion. ‘the  New Politics of identity’ Biku Keane and Goodhart LSE lecture started. Notes plus lecture two listens first let it sweep over me, second go write extensive notes with references and follow up. Group lectures into subject areas. Philosophy is massive. Literature is starting to make an appearance. Biology and Neuroscience for beginners (undergraduate beginners that is) plus Science podcasts You tube New Scientist at least is available so long as I access them and make the most. Psychology lectures MIT? Listened to in It’s entirety.

Podcasts listened too.

1.      Albert Stepan ‘Islam and Democracy’

2.      History 5 Berkeley History Course

3.      Psychology Berkeley

4.      IOP Selected Public Lecture/Debates

5.      The Literature of Crisis Stanford

6.      LSE Public Lectures. I have downloaded days worth.

7.      New Scientist/Guardian Science Podcasts

8.      French on France24, French Recipes, OU French for intermediates (listening only as beyond me). French Pod. Youtube France24via Milo Interface.


 History 5 Berkeley ditto very interesting too. IOP Public Lectures debates must not forget to re-download. Whatever I do I MUST BRANCH OUT INTO DIFFERENT MORE NORMAL AREAS. To normalise my life as it feels like there are potential opportunities as well as grievous typecasting obstacles that threaten whole identity. Albert Stepan Islam and democracy check title I have listened to

several times and would listen to for a final time to take notes as very informative.

Podcasts 2.2 days 3.36GB

Videos 1.38 days 4.21GB

Approximately 3.5 days of Video and Audio Podcasts minus what’s on Milo Interface

1.      Conflict Contested Identities Research site.(current project in progress)

2.      French as before

3.      I had Cyber One but deleted it.

I have not done justice to audio and video collection. It excludes content on MP3 player which is comprehensive and on Ipod Nano. You could say I have overdone it as the excessive content has put me off my other beloved my precious MP3 player. My external HDD is crammed with stuff. I have used it to play stuff off straight rather than upload it to PC..

462 words of Blog Commentary Words

1,540 words in total of document so far



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