3rd Day of new 2000-3000 words regime:after 1,700 of verbatim words from various sources I was so exhausted I had to go to sleep

My foray into the Very Short Introduction to Kant made me mentally exhausted. The Words on Day 3 had a similar effect after 1,700 words of verbatim words using another Luckhurst and Singleton exercise on Words Words Words; which as a Chapter looked very interesting, but unfortunately required the aqquisition of a number of substantive volumes as cited in the text.

Obviously I have not got these books. I have a growing Library of substantative academic books as seen on Library Thing and my Amazon Wish List. Library Thing runs to nearly 100 and the Academic Library has not gone on on it’s entirety (let alone be read!). Library Thing looks like a deadly serious bunch of intellectuals who make me feel small and inadequete. Library Thing is also full of inspiration for further additons to the already 1000 strong bibliographic WishList/Marker of the texts of which Amazon Uk is so fantastic at supplying. Thus I am only too happy to submit marketing information and even be a neophyte Associate as Amazon helps me seek and find the most scholarly and highest of qaulity finds.

Qaulity is of course the beginning, middle and end of any academic ‘work’ that I do. Qaulity is enjoyable, qaulitity is rivetting, qaulity is a garantor of learning which of course is hidden within any Text which leads you down further Highways and Biways. Qaulity is my middle name and my constitent identity in other areas fo life too food, clothes etc; no rubbish comes my way! I may be poor but QAULITY is the name of the game and a highly rated text book/Philosophy/Theory volume is worth its weight in gold in terms of learning and insight. (Blackwell makes me feel intimidated but the Journals and heavy weight academic publishers even more so; the prices are sky high too) Hence my love affair with Amazon which is a joke in my family  where my biggest crimes can consist of ‘amazoning’ to coin a phrase. Its services also facciliatate other areas in my life making it a very handy site indeed-indeed apart from it’s pivotal life or death signficance as an Academic Bookselling site.

Re back to Writing on Day 3 the Luckhurst and Singlehurst is spot on. University sources are the business.

MIT OCW is the progenitor of all this inspiration. I can’t tell you how much it inspires me. MIT OCW is behind the Writing as ACADEMIC, WRITER, AND NOVELIST etc idea which is the raison de etre behind all academic work. MIT students work extremley hard and the work is very intense. But the students write all the time and even as on the site do and create Courses which will encourage any latent professors in them which is all good stuff to my educationally focussed way of thinking.

As a ‘service user’ the QAULITY issue is only too important a thing.

The scene feels poor underfunded. The academic side the Service user academic scene does NOT look normal to my way or indeed to academia’s way of thinking. It appalls me that theory finding is not the raison de etre as is the case in normal academia IN SITU and NOT IN DEPARTMENTS BLUE SKIES LEFTFIELD OFF AND AWAY IN SITU AS IT IS with ‘my’ way of doing things would ensure radical improvements to not only Research but that the users getting an education in the process. I defend this to the hilt. I hate loathe and despise its abnormality. I can’t stand it’s lack of theory. I may have some serious deficits and lack in all sorts of ways but at least even in academic terms it is a deadly serious exercise. Hence the need for daily weekly monitors accounts of progress, daft ideas etc. And of course My own THEORIES/Theory gleaned from living here by my own flesh and blood effort stress tears thinking and awareness.

copyright all rights reserved entire site and all my ideas nov 2008 word count 655 words

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