Following ‘Luckhurst and Singleton’ The Creative Writing Handbook’ Palgrave 1999,2000 I did 6000 words this week!!

I wrote a short story on Russian Psychiatrically imprisoned Dissidents, the word that comes to me is ‘research’ into Novels that is the way forward. My imagination REALLY went for it in the Evil scenarious that I conjured up in my Brain. Today

I did ‘My Room’ but I did my Flat which is more of a generous description. The flat is like a perfect sqaure box which overlooks a Garden consisting of a Glass Bowl type of existence where one is always aware of what is going on in the various flats amongst the various tenants whose lifestyles and existence does not encourage much hope in me, given my precarious circumtances. Today’s magnum opus was I reckon 2000 words of vivid description which I think would give people who read it, insight into my daily life and the problems therewith ).

The First thousand words felt not as easeful as the remaining two thirds. So I was surprised to be going at with breaks to READ not to be at my computer as computer rests are not really rests at all but a continuation of the same thing.

Eric Sykes autobiography with an overlong perhaps too lengthy section was Break material . I did not count the pages in the normal fashion which has become a formula and routine calculation which I have learnt to vary according to stamina, emotional or other needs, etc etc.

Probably if I include Blog words I do a lot more writing than I do justice too and with ACADEMIC ACTIVITY I am a lot more focused than i give myself credit for.

Still 6000 words including Story Words for first time, in one day(?) is a magnificent achievement.

307 words for totalling up one day sinfully acculmulated as in other destructive habits.

LATER EDIT: Blog Words are now included to be be gentle on myself as well as more honest.

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