The First 3.054 words word Essay and first experiment in fiction on demand

My Fiction Experiment was based on Forced Psychiatric Imprisonment of inmate in Moscow where the ….xxxxxxxxxxxxxx protected Edit.

 The 2,500 words were journaling words, diary words words of expression self expression and just ambling along the highways and biways of the memories and thinking in my mind. I may use the Singleton and Luckhurst in future to break up the ‘Fields of Reading’ which I need to come back too. So all I need is to read my 25 pages or 75 pages( I am NOT up to it and have to force myself to go to Tesco in the freezing cold). I am probably about overdue for a walk. Friday night is better for me than having to face the crowds on Saturday which mainly consist of families and children .(we have lovely children in our family and those of my church are lovely in their stead).

Anyway I can be happy that for the first time I did 3.054 words and did my Writing for today including my First ever Fiction which actually felt good not too bad.

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