Day 3 of Nanowrimo and 2,480 words of autobiographical import mixed with assidious fantasy!

Comment about Today.

I did 2004 words on Sunday 2nd November

2,583 words Monday 3rd November. I am 2,500 words behind current target which is 2,500 words a day of Fiction Words which is posing a considerable challenge. Quite frankly this novel is cathartic, therapeutic. I am allowing myself full license to do what I like SO LONG AS I WRITE THE DAMM THING COMPLETELY FROM BEGINNING TO END WITHOUT COPYING AND PASTING FROM SOURCES UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

(previous successes have been justfully aided by cut and paste jobs but the fiction was original)

I am trying to follow my Muse. I have it seems a cast of characters but at the moment my brain is too overwhelmed with sorrow and fear to work as it should. Self control will help. I did it! that was self discipline. still have not done big update on friend x with the big prayer guns of sjc. 2,500 words will be easy recalculate figures. 4 days of 2,500 = 9000 words on top of present figures which means i should be ahead even though I am only writing crap.

 All my disciplined forcing of myself to write is paying off in this exercise. Now I ONLY think in terms of 2000 words and at least READING preceeds and follows the godly exercise of writing exposing as it does my profound lack of educatedness. ie I am not like Foucault, LSE professors and too many intimidating intellects. Realising the value of the Intellectual is a least a fruit of Reading. At least i know   where the fruit lies and intellectual soundness goals and sanity. (normal careers are handy too!). Recognising and buying as cheaply as possible QAULITY literature and novels is the path of enjoyment and rationality. It is an expression of profound rationality that I appreciate these things because QAULITY is a key biomarker if you like of directions you could pursue.

My Novel reading at least is fine with Dostoeveky, John Grisham, Virginia Woolf. Sylvia Plath. Clive james and Martin Amis are assidious guides to all things qaulity in the literary land that lieth in Grub Street.

Literature as a discipline looks worth looking into . My philosophy and theory reading plugs straight into that Grid. I have heard of Leavis and  another chap of great import.

Art of course has lots to offer. Doing Prayer Windows struggling to do it has opened my heart up to the wonders and terrors of art from documentary like Caravaggio to realism of Tracy Emin and other YBAs. Art drawing painting is an inextrical part of this. what value! I do in fact have an art o level for my sorrows. this prayer windows means i learn to get ME out on the page. regardless of how it is acknowledged. Theory and Philosophy undergird ALL academic enterprise and are intrinsic to the process, the others are qaulitative and qauntative, languages are indispensable she says from her books. I have seen French, Latin, Greek, German, Czechovakian(!!!) sophisticated mathematics and other high level methods of analysis ie Logic.

Boy aristotle and plato did not half know their onions. only reading philosophy has opened me up to at least appreciating that THIS IS THE WAY TO GO at least academically.

 Idea maybe i need to include nanowrimo topics here so i conduct forum like discussions here which can be transfered via copy and paste over the Forums.

Back to my friends the Academics writing whether at School or Uni preferably as a life time habit is pedagogically sound. Reading is profoundly rational. all above is RATIONAL. It is only where I am that… and that needs to be lemonade out of lemons, mountain demolition sqauds, impossible lives etc. And that seems IRRATIONAL but really my circumstances are a Gift and I need the alchemy and effort to make it so. Writing makes me a Writer. Writer is a good identity. Books are sane and good. it is all good stuff. Surely i am onto a good thing.

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