Nanowrimo 2008: I have just begun my crapulent novelistic prognostications

2004 NOVEL Words My rhythm and syntax are stuck into grooves.  I feel full of cliches decidding that Real Life is the best way forward and that my Real Life has more than enough interest and variety to spice up any novel that might be published in a very narrow specialist sphere. Dreams of proper books and proper authorship mixed in with plenty of Theory in Action or rather Theories in Action which veritably pepper the text. 

I have saved the first 2000 words to Gmail for safety.  I will do fresh documents for each of the 2000 words aiming at a daily target of 2,500 NOVEL words in order to, at a minimum, hit 10,000 minimum target this week.  500 extra words from Tuesday to Friday/Saturday will do it. If I can do better than my novelistic exercise will be that much happier. 

I am also putting word counts on all documents making it easier to tot up word counts at a later date.

I also have not done housework today. Save make Rice Bread (Jane Grigson ‘English Food’) eat a mince based chilli con carne soup with chilli garlic and plenty of fresh jellied chicken soup. I had a crisis on my pc when my mouse froze on youtube forcing me to switch off at mains in order to restore sanity and rather happy computer situation presently ambient. (It’s the Youtube Music Machine you know but MORE THAN that because NO DJ/PRESENTER/show/station etc does what I does). The Laptop to come is a constant meditation liberating me from my home to the wonders of Wifi land. A Toshiba Netbook might be a good back up purchase but the desired one costs almost the same as a full Laptop. I am too attached to RAM to go for anything too small given System Resources.

Back to Today’s Exploits:(301 and counting on this post) 400 on previous WP posts = 700 a goodly sum indeed to add to the Two Thousand Needed Words. My chicken sandwich my first on the Rice Bread was good indeed. I didn’t slather the meat with too much mayo just a sludge of mayo to create adhesiveness and on the rice bread. It was sublime!  Taking a break seems to have rejuventated me and helped my tired self to do a little posting and a new Section on the Blog for all you Nanowrimers out there, and all those contemplating following my struggling example in regards to Readin’ and Writin’. I know we are out there. And 2000 words a day are a strengthening exercise. A support worker identity protected has started his own reading and writing programme to follow me. I encourage him. It blesses me to have a soul who believes what I do is spot on she says having one of her Educational Fantasies.  I hope God blesses this Blog and those who do the combi especially as the Books are deadly serious, combined with shameless Booster Books to up the total or even go back to Partial Reads. Struggle with Reading (at least twelve short book partial reads, 2 mega volumes of the Blackwell Companion/Anthology Theory/Philosophy kind) and Eight Yellow Homemade Bookmarks listing volumes read/partially read or on 100 book reading list. Making 51 so far of 2000 total (Rodriguez book MIT OCW something about desire identity and fanatical reading that included childrens books right up to high Philosophy tomes).

I should post a picture or video of the yellow custom bookmarks. I think they are a whizz. One LSE leaflet is now given over to my 100 in stock Reading list. My Library is 300 strong with a substantial amount of Philosophy both Political and Continental. Analytic is planned for philosophical adventures further down the lines. Being aware of GOOD Philosophy AND making a stand or at least having alongside our Continental cousins is at least a step forward. I want to be on this site a blessing to myself, to numerous others in all other educational biospheres and maybe maybe dream of a crazy Revolution to liberate the would-be Academic ie Researcher and Teacher in us all and certainly myself as they most definitey set the Standard in both. Yours influenced by the Worlds of Academe and Education. Me.

706 words almost a 1000 extra words today on top of 2004 saved document.

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