I am reading Shields ‘The Blackwell Guide to Ancient Philosophy’

The Shields book is looking like another Philosophy tome of mine; that of leading me into MORE potential reading that is, apart from 90+ representative texts, there is a lot more the devils to read in the detail of the various philosophers. 

Aristotles’Metaphysics’ is 16 Volumes (  I haven’t sussed out the Roman Numerals as my Mum has) and the material in this book is looking deep indeed for a claimed ‘beginners’ texts that is probably an undergraduate or even graduate beginner rather than a total neophyte like me! But so what it is all grist to the mill and  Aristotle sent me off to sleep to two very vivid dreams at my mums last night after approximately 27 pages more than planned 25 allotted as the material is mentally exhausting and I need to acclimatise to it. Not only. This Research Evaluation Draft Project means the more I learn/read the better is my embroyonic understanding of this hugely signficant cornerstone of all academic practice.

I only read Philosophy to PY111 level at Essex, Introduction to Political Theory was my other big exposure. LSE External Extra Mural Diploma in Economics of course is full of it as well but that was all twenty plus years ago.

So this Beginner may have bitten off more than she can chew when it comes to hefty tomes to consume; in fact I reckon my Reading List Programme has been set back due to having to trawl through a 600 plus volume than a book of 200 pages or so.

In fact I am getting good at estimate ‘pageege’ my term for number of pages in a particular volume and I use my calculater to break the figure down into days to completion.

I am trying also to return to the enjoyment and fun of reading. The sheer qaulity and reliablity of volumes for taking the philosophical tempreture of academe is in itself a frightfully helpful thing.

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