NEW EDITED Email from late Academic Friend who recommends that I write that book and do that PhD eventaully

Hi my name,


You mentioned your Dads academic background, what is yours?



With all the work that you are doing you should channel that effort into a PhD.


What is your particular area of interest?

 Shared but only to genuine friends who are in shitty place with me the real deal

As you can tell with me I am interested in EDITED psychology and EDITED models of mental illness.


Historically I’ve worked as both a therapist and as a psychiatric social worker in crisis community mental health teams. I’ve also had the unfortunate experience of being the client of mental health professionals as well.


Back to you, if you have your own theory or perspective develop it and seek to get it published. Don’t give up your dreams and give it your best shot.


I’ve currently just finished a ‘self help’ manuscript, but will b editing it before sending it to publishers for consideration.


Are you in the UK? As I mentioned to you, I am in Sydney, Australia. I am currently sitting in my office and it is 5:30, Monday evening.


Boy you sure have a lot of energy. Wish I had so much.


Being a Christian is fine. I’m a Jew, hope that doesn’t get in the way.


Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.


Warm regards,




EDIT wrote:

Dear Ray
Thought so so I see the signs!
I am *NOT* an Academic but I dream of it constantly, spend hours online
downloading Papers (like wot Academics do), am collecting Citable Texts
Big Names the Whose Who of MH Scholarship, plus accessible yet serious
volumes in Philosophy, Sociology, Economics and Psychology (another
activity); I go to the very rare Public Lecture. I realize that the
words ‘PUBLIC’ and ‘LECTURE’ aren’t as straightforward as they seem. I
adore LSE Public Lecture Programme and download zillions of Papers as
many as I dare get away with ( you can’t be a too informed Service
User can’t you!!!??!!0, I lust after Essex University for whom I have a
special affection but I draw back from mass downloading. ( like my lucky
friends the Academics), I adore the top Institutions as the downloads
are fantastic but I ‘ve got banned from sites (yeuch very *UN*academic )
but my documents as far as I can are deadly deadly serious and some are
of an extremely high and significant quality. I have a personal reading
Prog of reading 2000 books, a 100 books a year MAX, that is definitely
Scholarly, I have read 35, I notice Academics reading up to 40-60 books
a year but I need Masters and PhD reading levels. Many of my books are
on Reading Lists and various Syllabi scattered through ACADEMIC
Cyberspace. Google Scholar yields its fruits and I clip all kinds of
things via Google Notebook the nearest I have to a CITATION MANAGER, if
i went public with my Notebook the Citation Indices would be affected
and I can’t do that;much as I dream of Endnote, RefViz etc and one day
manipulating Academic Software such as SSPS, Wolfram the Calculator,
I delight when I see I am on the right lines with my Reading
Programme.(!!!). I dream of writing Books and Papers ( two a year is a
good figure to aim for but FIFTEEN is a figure that I have also seen!!!)
I dream of giving Lectures and being like my Academic Daddy who has a
DSc and is Professor(UCL) who invented his own Theory. Daddy lectures
worldwide and his specialism his INVENTED SUBJECT is extremely
successful and YES I have a Theory or Two lurking in the old
subconscious!!!!! I have actually dared to share them with an Academic
Friends of mine plus Sociologist QMC Expert rellie, so I am as Academic
as possible but. I also get depressed like ACADEMICS the subject
material is SO depressing, and so *HEAVY ON THE SPIRIT.
My ‘Research’ was received by a MH Cluster, it informs a Thesis of mine
in progress needing much work, Research in other areas ie Religion has
been accepted by an Evangelical Newspaper and Channel 4 inquired about
using it in their Research into God TV (6000 hits), an Ex Chaplain
suggested I write a Thesis on how the Church has abandoned the mentally
ill (thats all we need) BUT BUT positive things have happened suggesting
Christian and Jesus helps me follow and obey Him and best of all be
FULFILLER!!!) Needless to say G-O-D and Intellectuals go together.My
Research into God TV narks God TV and it is taken seriously.
I live in fear of my Subject my PhD one day being nicked by an Academic
and I search in peril conversations on Academia in my subject Area.* So
I have my own Subject Area (Like Academics), love the darlings (The
Academy is a bastard a prejudiced ageist Institution with corrupted
Research thats all I need but such things need !! but I may be wrong!!
so I need to pursue scientific avenues once I have sorted a bit of
learning out (a terrible Academic path what should ve made me broke me
and put me in Supported Housing).
I dream of the strength and power to bring Papers, Books, Novels
Creativity NEW PIONEERING PROJECTS to complement my mad ideas like Diana
I love MIT OCW and any generous Institution who gives away free
podcasts, Papers etc for my delectation.
perhaps role for bio element. Costing

Social model? How do Economists measure that (LSE Papers galore!)
instead of a lousy disenfranchise disculturated Service User longing
for Academic and Creative liberation like my  Academic Friends.
(Emancipatory Sociology is is bad, Injustice is it the answer to our
prayers a Paper by)
Re Boston. I can’t go. But I am curious as to how they got my details
and I got on the Invite List especially as SU’s are cold shouldered at
Conferences and their precious ideas are nicked and end up on Research
your inspired (academic as possible) Service User correspondent.
best wishes

IXX wrote:

> Hi X
> Yes, I am an academic here in Sydney Australia. I teach counselling,
> communication and psychology.
> You wrote:
> “I got an Invite to a University Seminar at Boston University(!!!!)”
> That’s exciting. Willl you be able to go?
> Yes, the academic, like the business world, is full of exploiters and
> crooks. Many academics are quite happy to steal the ideas of others
> and claim them for themselves. It’s tragic. I guess all that any of us
> can do is maintain our own integrity.
> I don’t think about Jeremy. Karma will return to him his own
> behaviour. I’ve learned not to be resentful as it only hurts me. Yes,
> I was upset when I lost my material, but that is over.
> Tell me more about what you are doing.
> You sound like an academic yourself.(!!!)
> Warm regards,

> */Kate /* wrote:
> DearX
> X here,
> Are you an Academic cos all the signs point to that.
> I do my so called ‘research’ into the Mental Health Scene and I
> believe
> I have uncovered some real whoppers when it comes to MH Factoids. I
> believe I have some deadly serious docs on my HDD that possibly
> mean I
> am a little more aware of what is going on on UK MH Scene than your
> average SU.
> And you never guess what!??!!
> I got an Invite to a University Seminar at Boston University(!!!!)
> I devour Academic Podcasts, Research Papers etc but nothing is
> able to
> be validated and I have everything against me.
> (Age etc) and the bloody Academic Scene takes pride in
> slaughtering the
> Users intellectual capacity by getting the Users to give em their
> research ideas (!!) Me I dream of holding my own Research Symposiums;
> writing Papers etc, books etc etc. you get the picture
> curiously yours
> Jeremy sounds dangerous. I have been lurking but I am trying to
> suss out
> MH Academia and its various positions Whose Who etc plus positions
> taken
> plus other things power games perhap in Research. It is all deep dark
> and heavy stuff.
> best wishes
> X
I am now having an EDITED Public Face to distance myself from my REAL feelings thoughts including theoretical and these actions having the effect of protecting myself from parasitic behaviour from uncaring academics who can do no better than steal service user ideas which in theory could result in them becoming a PhD and bringing THEIR theories to the table based on their experiences which supposedly would add and increase the knowledge base; even if it don’t look like it at the moment.

1,540 words

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