NEW Edited Public Lecture Notes:Roger Silverstone the Media and Morality



Roger Silverstone Public Lecture Media and Morality



Wordage easily accomplished in simply recording verbatim but considered notes. Words ACADEMIC.


MODEL Fan club around Silverstone.


 on the rise of a media polis



Develops space for social and political dialogue. For Roger global media at heart of the moral future for civilisation must intervene policy and regulation of obligation and judgment, media judgement media justice at the centre of today’s policy.


My old friend discourse and ideology rears its ugly or familiar or non familiar head here but I think it does everywhere.



USE separate Roger Silverstone Fellowship not just LSE.

Roger Silverstone fantasy LSE bloke. Legacy of his teaching. Good fortune to carry his name.


Robin Mansell Prof young!

Charlie Buckett POLIS roger established.



‘pretend publics of television’ what he

Stars The

How we relate to Television images

Cohen Stan social control media and human rights. Our capacity for denial of atrocities

Richard sambrook, EDIT




C4 to Lecture Hall Roger made transition seem natural and right. To academia.

Mon 2x ( if I was that would be lovely like being OFFERED a Doctorate! like Dr Friend friend)

EDIT just keep notes to topic and not veer off topic 


.constructive edit

Our  to stranger. Increasingly   global society. The  Conversation between media and society. Journalism, good J is a creation of society. Communication  Mediapolis, reflexivity of the professional, greater media literacy. Convenor. How do you get to cosmopolitan Mediapolis all providers in one kind of crisis or another. Newspaper sales are collapsing. User generated content. Puts at risk the current system to delivering J.nation huddle myth of .palaces of  council of despair, relative,



New technologies force more networks, consumer become part of the storytelling. All sorts of things sustain good J, ***SU. CONSTRUCTION OF LIFESTYLES, media centricism so be it.

More spaces for thinking teaching debate to till ground perhaps seeds of political action.


Power violence disturbing book of a prophet, *** academic prophet!!



Requires too much I have too require no other cosmos at our disposal. Very urgent book tone of urgency French man. As a very gentle and subtle man. Very strong and very determined const

342 words

Academics as Prophets!!! Q!!!!

 Why not!! AGREE!! But it is being applied in too narrow .


What Roger is about What a particular intellectual is all EDIT

Responsibility moral ethics.



Roger and Derrida* quotes Derrida  notion of hospitality conditional hospitality unconditional hospitality***** incarnationality of hospital I am with Silverstone beyond Derrida on this one. Terrorism ‘visitation hospitality’ forced hospitality lack of reciprocity. Ethics on unconditionality.* Philosopher Hans Jonas? Reference EDIT Jonas substantive responsibility, formal responsibility,  are not ready SUBSTANTIVE RESPONSIBILITY** truth ethical EDIT , REF Knight Lecture. Where he sees gaps and   I see dialectical thinking** Meaning of humanity*****Plato kjah2007  and hermeneutic sense, context of mediation, what is to be human REPRESENTATION, HUMAN places people otherwise never met. Roger master of DIALETICAL THINKING, place of safe viewing, to media polis, hierarchies watch in safety those who suffer in poverty or war , global terrain asymmetrical relations, as a moral space collective deliberation and action. The media polis sphere of conduct codes of j practice, above all MEDIA LITERACY copyrightauthorcreativeedittheoreticalprotection

Renewed media ethics.

Media polis sphere of THEORY AND JUDGEMENT, media morality space of presentation and action, freedom of speech society hate talk and terror**more extended mental heath, how can we care when care is impossible, not as unresolvable paradoxes but historical ** moral dispositions, HOSPITALITY he recovered Emmanuel Levinas, right to receive the other*** human subjects, 2 imperatives

The Ethics of obligation and Ethics of care.

Conflicting rights and conflicting values back, homes clothes discursive framing******inadequate explain lack of discourse political consciousness. As others with humanity***Plato Politics of ,

Media polis asymmetrical dysfunctional flawed. Hospital just caring space for all*****conceptual language to deal with.. Good and evils of media polis Rogers legacy for us 

 His continuing worldly presence in abstentia.


Problem of how media represents the OTHER*** strong. Ist chapter review. All sorts of moral demands Durkheimian. Compassionate, iconic representation, go to office complain about Cliffs behaviour and exploitation of jean and pray for safety.



755 words



Open cold warfare but cliff against her evil sod!.

THING and REPRESENTED THING** notion of reality media messages, and political consciousness*** images of suffering voyeurism distant others, sense of social justice, vs a vs global corporatesness of xx

Public Lecture WORDAGE

Typed in not written up. Laptop in lecture theatre.

Gullible zombies taken in. daytime tv and EDITED THEORETICAL FROM ME

Radical impossiblism. CHOMSKY but grasp that gap, seeing football complexity p, gap between reality and representation*** ironical post modernism, I could be more expensive for her but current circumstances don’t permit it unless cliff problem dealt with.

Spectator clear set of social and relationships. We who can watch HAVE GOT THE CONTEXT THEY HAVEN’T. Presented as natural endemic and unfathomable.

Crisis, local inadequate failing discourse of reporting.

Discursive frames* discursive framing* framework. 

887 words

Aching hands.


WHAT DOESN’T GET TRANSMITTED! Luckman, critique that they tell us to think about**  1x day LSE Lectures ONLINE. Liberal despair kind to dismay public indifference denial, new kind of pessimism, crime welfare etc neo liberal disenchantment, liberal hawks have become

Important sociological questions


What this to do with representation. MEDIATED SPECTACLES. Not a critique of representation or  critique of method critique of intention agree, aesthetized more and more photography.  HOW IT IS REPRESENTED BUT HOW IT IS THEORETICAL EDIT.


1,005 words

DAVOS WEF World Economic Forum   Aldwych.

A nice union of Political and Academic is present here.

Converging set of challenges net, commoditization of information, and users access to academic standard resources **FORCED  controversialist papers in draft to come.(bring reply to research draft to emancipatory imainstream  Sheer no of providers, loss of trust in institutions inc universities, Hutton affair, core editorial values, David Kelly, sheer hard work frightening, help to cope, barriers to entry, information heavy, power broker media, politicians confer on media, factors current status of the media, whatever the reasons MEDIA CONSUMPTION IS GROWING,

ACCOUNTABILITY TRUST RESPONSIBILITY MUST INCREASE, polarization held to account against them, shift in accountability, low common denominators, satellite tv user realities**.Rogers ice cap metaphor. Admiration,

Cannot be reversed without a new SOCIAL CONTRACT ROUSSEAU*** use of social contract by Government. Freedom of press etc Freedoms and economic etc developments words prevailing over lives.




1,137 words


Keep a social contract.

Political Philosophy Area.


Social contract of Service Users to ‘services’ no matter how damaging to their best interests or how complex reallly is if you learn to factor in biology etc and need to learn it etc etc

Alumn : Whose morality? Implicit everyone had an agreed notion of what morality mean’t. BBC two competing moralities there. How do we tease balance between two.

A Universalist principals, dilemma name of universalism, challenge. Who is the other??? French mean, LACAN common word and put it in capital he loved, THE Other,  some sort of critique of sociology almost a return to philosophy and to moral philosophy, sociology rejected almost. MANY OTHERS, multiplicity of others.

Very sublime mise en scene (French Guy)? Instead of fighting recognising his otherness**



1,240 words

Is there the Other?


Practitioner academic  thing Knight LSE examples of,

 Creative energies.

BBC  representations**

Universalist discourse of reality, westerner, prosperous zone, moral discourse, world was divided zones powerless etc confronted horrors of western LEVINAS and try to deal with horror of Western things,.

Battle of Ideas person. Online. How we form our judgements, best people speaking for themselves, campus debate..


In universities. the  High moral questions q of universality, gender equality, always there in background, never seen to impinge on day to day pragmatic or Journalists, complete, grand judgments, free speech, grand universal platforms, of universities, only person subjective voice SUBJECTIVITY REFLEXITIVITY* appealing to subjectivity doesn’t solve moral question at all.

Milton Areopagitica  ?  GOOGLE MILTON A THING. DONE


Issue of what you leave out and why censorship particular worldview point. Have to make a choice when space is limited.

1,395 words


Questions fielded severally not individual/response format then responses


Q Russia assassinated journalist.

Both arms aching and straining. Destruction of authorities’ voices, how you show is immensely important, Rogers notion of proper distance, leaves you free to make your decision. Too far Too near.







One responsibility does not preclude another.



1,453 words

1,530 words FINAL Ist Edit.

Any Googling Hanns Jonas

Social Contract?


1,574 words FINAL with Second Edit and Milton Reference googled.



Chomsky ‘radical impossiblism’

‘Media Spectacle ‘ Googled Reality TV in addition insightful

Roger Silverstones Book which is now on Wish List.

Derrida done further investigation on ‘unconditional hospitality’

LEVINAS done googled looks interesting!

MILTON Aeropagitas found and scanned.

No joy on Hanns Jonas Philosopher.



1,604 words FAST EDIT STAY ON TOPIC ONLY for posts and edit







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