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Friday, 05 September 2008

4:10:41 PM

Kate Hillier            Page 1            05/09/2008 2000 Words


Come  Dine with Me at 5:30. Meal is cooking. Tesco Finest Cauliflower Cheese, which I think the LORD wants me to make myself, cooked defrosted Ham from last nights cook up, 3-4 even 5 portions of veggies; fine green beans, 3 carrots, 1 courgette, and 2 potatoes now loaded in with fresh mint and garlic puree to enhance taste.

            The DVD Afternoon is on. I hope and pray it is a raving success and it grows and grows. I also fear adding my own oh so meaningful DVD collection to proceedings. I could drop DVD’s off for using not keeping God forbid.

            UCB with Ruth O Reilly Smith, Roy Clarke altered ucb media email address and new lady is on with frequent unquestioned references to America although we were the 51st State and annexed to America. UCB abounds with American references, Bob Gass is American, so are it’s References and Source base all peppered with US States and US customs. Bob Gass is full of it. He never incarnates Word For Today or UCB for national platforms not forced on amercian so called universalism, a hangover from daytime junk shows which are of course American. I think Traffic reports are based in north? Parochial traffic will not served desired national population with national population figures being sought in every nation in the world and under the heavens.

            Lousiana, American effort, American base. This is rape of my national identity which they wish to claim for their own as does God TV of course;spreading the American gospel and American Rafting trips? Pardon? RAFTing not RARRFTING note the innontation. Vegetables are still far from cooked but cauliflower cheese is well cooked maybe I take ham out and have Meal Part I then Meal Part II.

            Desktop positioning, awkward position of keyboard. I wish speaker cables were plugged into desktop so I can stream civilising youtube where I have CCM ON MY TERMS not theirs where I pick and choose from the Desert UCB and god channel force on me by their continued attempts at hegemony, creating a an ‘’ yes sir, no sir, three bags full mentality amongst the made subservient church population which is full of demons you know (joyner accounts) and the Church emphasis does not do this, does not do that. Most of the church does not do x AND  I think ‘hey its w a wonder you can’t see what God is doing in His Church’ Chris Cole thinks the UK Church should be dismantled so I guess him the KCP prophets and NAR can take over with their mate Joyner in the commanding position, sending prophets, apostles etc regional city etc to cities that so need them that are so incapable of any prophetic apostolic or evangelistic etc activity themselves. So needy that they need Joyner and NAR and God TV by implication with UCB, Message to schools, Innervation etc to tell us what we are doing wrong and because they are such prophets to bow subserviently and meekly at their feet; yielding our finances, money on the delusions they built up about us which blinds their eyes and ears to What God is doing.

541 words

                        First Impressions on the Blackwell Guide to Ancient Philosophy

Key first Pre-Socratics Heraclitus, Parminedes, and how they thought. This Guide is proving to be at first impressions- showing how the first Philosophers thought. All their thought is at first seemingly simultaneously guided by Greek Mythology and also Mathematics. Astronomy. I am beginning to see where Plato would have got his influence for his academia.

607 words

Plato based his Akademy on his Curricula which included Mathematics, Astronomy? Philosophy which form the basis of hyper-traditional Education; as found in the Public Schools and not in the Public School let alone adult education system.

 I believe there is a hidden agenda in Higher Education that if we were suitably qualified we would all be trained in Mathematics, Sciences and Philosophy meaning we would be more rounded and able to cope with the reading of the books in the Academy. We would be linguistically and academically able to read and speak and write French German Latin Greek (Foucault Madness and Civilization if you don’t believe me and any other academic book you care to mention by the way). So it would appear in lieu of the the previous Evidence that The Pre-Socratics would have had a key role not only in beginning the Discipline of Philosophy which is the root of all the Discipline’s** (Citation needed) but also solid sound and viable academic practices. I am on page 19 and not even on my first 25 let alone DAILY 25 pages and already like there is tonnes to read by way of follow up. I could use the Honderich and Blackburn Dictionaries at least to get an overview of what these important from these fellows. However, I can I think download plain vanilla texts to MAKE MY OWN MIND UP ON and not the opinions of some academic who already has his own views set in stone.  Even though I am a bare beginner in Philosophy self taught,  the way I see if Philosophy can be approached at by the various angles the blank plonk occupation or not here expressed philosophically is but one angle.

The Philosophy of x LIST is another one could probably do  the above is another line of pursuit.

 I think, at the moment, I need to engage in PRIVATE PHILOSOPHICAL INVESTIGATIONS of my circumstances; only show it to the Elect and Special in my life, not make it common or garden, too many academics will hang around like hungry parasites ready to nick any idea they were too stupid not to think about all by themselves;unlike me who is investing the money, time, effort to actually think of my views and end up doing private exercises to implement to protect both me and my ideas. They can starve for ideas for all I care. Only those academics who care have any idea what goes on in Kate’s Ville, and even though I am not a PG UG or any kind of ideas, I already have to adopt position adopting terms and learn to defend them. This does not negate knowledge. The Blackwell Guide to Ancient Philosophy steers me into Beginners paths and ignorant readings where knowledge can be built up from this place of the University of 231 the Horrors of the Unseen University (Terry Prachett) where new Theories and Philosophies are made and both LEARNED. Where I learn to think for myself and not have professor tell me what to think; but at the same time respect with all my heart soul mind and strength the knowledge bases of academia that most precious of resources-provided I can get hold of Papers and such like and learn millions of terms in the process and Books to grasp basic concepts.

This book is at a suitable level Beginning Undergraduate unlike the Blackwell Companions which are intended for a more advanced technical audience. I will blog on it on my progress large or small, good or bad so at least I can nurture small incremental steps of progress and feel good instead of bad.

1,217 words 800 words to finish

 My meal is nearly ready so I will have to ring off. Resume Itunes on Social Justice the intellectual bugbear of my life especially in the impossible circumstances I am unfortunate to be living in.. Here all resources are scarce; books, library, money, cost, culture, too many too many deserts. Forced intellectual deserts, do I need anymore I am learning how the fates of such as John Clare, John Nash were curtailed by prejudice and misunderstanding the things that deny them the prizes the RECOGNITION they deserve. Users are designated into labelled piles through which there is no escape (hotel California soundtrack too). Somehow we are supposed to be grateful for our lot. First cigarette smoke wafts into lungs. How wonderful!

1,344 words 700 to finish after meal

Lemon juice and bare teaspoon of lemon oil marinating with the sugar, which is correctly Demerara. I was getting fed up of golden caster sugar and needed the raw cane crystalline grains, which just add flavour to my baked apple mixtures and deserts. I believe as any good chef in using a variety of sugars rather than god forbid just one. You would not see me using white grain sugar on it’s own even if you paid me, meringues would be always made with raw cane sugar so they would have a chewy caramel core or whatever proper meringues are made of.

Unusually I waited to do the Lemon mixture before hastening back to my loved ‘Come Dine with Me’ which I watch avidly and fanatically like the millions of other scattered across the UK who are part of the ‘Come Dine with Me Appreciation Society’ on Facebook. I have not been watching the 6:30 repeats on C4+1 as Masterchef has been doing a Professionals version and I could always do with a dose of ‘Masterchef’ along with my ‘Come Dine with Me’. I don’t watch Food programmes but If I do it is because I am getting jaded with a format whose sole existence is to promote the realm of TV Chefs who should be doing what Chefs should be doing-and who instead make thousands? Off derivative recipes that have their genesis in the old masters of cookery: Elizabeth David, Marcelle Hazan, Claudia Roden, Jane Grigson et al. No acknowledgement is made of original sources meaning in all likelihood that the chefs are plagiarising native sources and not having any governmental protocol that dictates you acknowledge the source-unlike even ‘service user academia’ or even any type of work where you have to acknowledge debts sources which maybe make their creativity a somewhat precarious existence, filching recipes of which you did not CREATE to make thousands and sell the gullible public your latest published wonder.

1,676 words 300 words

                                    Sarah Palin, The Black Majority Church and other Judges

This lady looks like the bunch of Christians who throw judgements on the World, by it’s purity of lack of , by it’s creative output and novels. UCB wishes we would heark back to pure old days when we did not have impure novels plays etc. God TV similarly wishes to impose it’s hegemony on academic institutions by outlawing SECULAR HUMANISTIC IDEOLOGIES (Cindy Jacobs et al ) thus proposing to cleanse the Academy from it’s philosophic and theoretical roots ruining education for some straw men they erected themselves. The Black Majority judge us Western Women as whorish (KICC on woman’s clothing ‘do not dress like a whore) because the Western women know how to dress as do Black women such as Campbell who looks fabulous and no doubt whorish to this prudish bunch of black dowdy frumps.

( I believe the secular world is put off the Christian message because of what we wear because faith in Christ is equated with dowdy frumpy rules and not freedom in Christ and being yourself before him respecting clothes rules and customs bar those that rape me of my culture – I would do a Vogue Tatler wear if I so much as set foot in KICC).

Sarah Palin is certainly stirring up blogosphere and the Obama/Cain thing which I must begin to follow by way of google alerts. But you guess what side I am on.Sick of judges, sick of cultural rapists, sick of marginalizing discourses around adulthood as though growing old and disabled was a venal sin punishable by casting you onto the margins.The judges the judges the deserts they create in my life, fucking discourses, socially constructed discourses, embedded sinned against. Forcing me into deserts to dream of rain and thunderstorm and underground aquifers exploding into my/our midsts; exploding imploding all the deserts and making abundance flow ex nihilo. Let it be.


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