3,700 words approximately so far now to get on with new Reading Plan which eventaully finishes Blackwell Continental Philosophy Companion

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  1. deep deep knowledge, ability to leap off a research from that basis (undergraduate Paper length Project) to full scale Dissertation/s BOOKS as it is suggested that I write. BOOKS THESES IDEAS;never mind needing to go to University [again] just get on with it which I must as well and not let the Academic Instituti1,500 Words Tuesday
  2. 2000 words planned today; proceed as I need or like but I need to have wisdom on what I publish online given feelings about Service User Academia and Life in general; especially as regards ‘supported’ housing and a Society that does not support us at all. Evidence DISABLISM, MENTALISM, then there is AGEISM, then sexism in order of Threat to Life Chances and Potential within the Church (!!) Christian Media (!!) and Society as a whole in all it’s multivariegated layers.

I have made some key changes to my Reading Programme. First I am introducing Novels and Novelistic material; in theory this could be anything from high culture to low culture (Clive James still not completed, nor Arendts ‘Human Condition’ nor VS Pritchett nor nor…) and second I am reducing Academic Texts to a more reasonable 50. 50 is probably the heights of Annaul Reading, more is a bonus if achievable which I doubt.

I have NOT been completing Targets. I began and have either read 20 books a year or 40 in one year or shock horror divebombing into Philosophical sophistication beyond my knowledge -although valuable- has burnt me somewhat and I at last -wisely- seek to ‘go back in order to go forward ‘ as I give myself a DIY Philosophy Course, plus Sociology Course, plus Literature Course NEW, plus of course I disregard signficance of Public Lecture inputs, Course material Lectures on subjects I would never DREAM of visiting had I been on an actual campus, and do things I never did at Essex or LSE External/London. NOT completing Targets or maybe counting down each word perhaps has jaded me or made me too orientated to Task Completion and not to enjoyment,learning all about getting the Wordage, the Page Reading Volume and the sheer qauntitative aspects along with the much needed qaulitative dimension of all this Reading, Writing, Studying, Observing, like an academic and so a late? Friend (an academic) told me. Like a Don without the knowledge of my Discipline deep 1,500 Words Tuesday

deep knowledge, ability to leap off a research from that basis (undergraduate Paper length Project) to full scale Dissertation/s BOOKS as it is suggested that I write. BOOKS THESES IDEAS;never mind needing to go to University [again] just get on with it which I must as well and not let the Academic Institutions and all its starring Knowledges and Soundness; deter me from my Goal/s even though the goals woujld need revision.deep knowledge, ability to leap off a research from that basis (undergraduate Paper length Project) to full scale Dissertation/s BOOKS as it is suggested that I write. BOOKS THESES IDEAS;never mind needing to go to University [again] just get on with it which I must as well and not let the Academic Instituti1,500 Words Tuesday

ons and all its starring Knowledges and Soundness; deter me from my Goal/s even though the goals woujld need revision.ons and all its starring Knowledges and Soundness; deter me from my Goal/s even though the goals woujld need revision.


Hatties having counselling. Find my papers so I can join her. John has it.

John is verbally abusing people? Mockingly but in a way that he probably would like to repel certain individauls and practices;namely my prayer life with the All-Mighty; name1, name2 name 3 and those individauls bringing offence and chagrin to his nature. EDIT?

Weather is laundry sunny it is no and off but mainly it appears on. This is a bit of pre-Come Dine with Me wordage see how much I can write before processing back into house to attach myself to seat (not sofa) and imbibe CDWM THE daytime tv to watch that is becoming a Prime Time Hit with global syndication.

John has just commented on Emmas bum, previous offences include telling Paula to get her tits out, sexaulising close female friendships with myself and especially the vulnerable hattie who has been bearing the load of John as his pseudo-therapist; whilst he hedges her around like a guard dog with a rather domineerring nature. EDIT or use pseudynum?

There is a whole lot of money related stuff going on. Emma, John, Lesley, money lending and not getting it back (Emma owes quite a bit) and I get the feeling also that Roys mother might have died?? Roy was sat out on table apparently in tears, and the office was/is lovingly on his case. Can I miss the ads and gets books in and pc? 5:30pm Come Dine with Me.665 words

John is lonely and complaining of his loneliness, but his personality and habits put me off and other people off and he can’t see what the problem is let alone deal with it. We have no foundations of HOPE to build on with John she says distancing herself from ALL neighbours, bar Hope 08 events which I just had to follow forgoing Plan A instead having the far superior Plan B which never entered my mind. Plan B surpassed Plan A and I ended up discovering the Cafe Nero and it’s BT Openzone hot spot which I believe I have connected too from here!!! (insecure connection second one, france first one!!).. Re Plan B if the LORD is doing some sort of weak thing or exposing weaknesses he sure did it there and then things happened that I cannot even think about-even though forms were completed and will need the right follow up-it is all up in the air the true fruit of that day other than it seemed like a ‘Kate’ day a Kate-friendly day where I was able to be myself before God and man? And apparently things and conversation ensuing of a Kate -Friendly Ministry way that was deep deep deep and profound.

I have had things that can be follow up with Emma and Sam. I need to take into account the Christian impacts Kingdomy type things happening or not happening? At this place I said to the LORD that anti-abortion (of God’s work) as good idea- and look after touch others who have left the great Chinook, plus this place (more God?) needs to be a sustainable Kingdom outpost, the Kingdom needs to characterize this place and it must be sustainable and it must be something that God has taken account of all my human weaknesses towards myself and towards others and plan accordingly-not excluding my family with his help join in HIS prayer for? And for myself. Jesus is praying for me and I have rather big survival puddings to get the proof on in the eating with Him.



this traffic is based in the North so useless to me and UCB has Northern bias.

Lord help me not to check words every too often help me ENJOY my reading and writing and do so in such a way as to foster qauntitative goals whilst in pursuit of qualitative change.


UCB Radio Observations

I am NOT using Touchpad at all prefering to use Wireless Mouse to transact activities if it is of god it will be followed up, of a document nature. Is UCB parochical Northern? A better version of the clique or as think it infects even the highest places of UCB? Horrible things and I am forced to drink at Well which does not translate my culture into Christian interpretations.

Let alone be relevant to my cultures, circumstances, needs as all groups should have.

1,146 words I am forced into a desert not of my creation because of fucking Joyner and parochicalism. I am forced to drink from a well that is polluted, even the well of Premier is polluted with people not of my country culture and habits and customs who judge me for being a Western Woman who would call me whore for looking nice. All family Paul Hammond the PR guy is on surprise paul.hammond@ucb.co.uk the PR guys always get a show. The Communications PR does a programme so as to give us the approved view of UCB. I am forced into american preachers, young things, Creation Scientists. American people Americanism, Immigration creating DESERTS, dry places where no water dwells. Too many Deserts that I need to expound and exposite a bit of a time. AMERICA is Cole Friendly as is Northern so it fits that piece of shits way of thinking. Joyner adds more pollution and shit by takeovers/ loving adjusting of minsitries to fit their plans not plans God has for ministries as Co Creator with Creator of needed Ministres.

Oh yeah a complaint paragraph with Mr Paul Hammond who does the GOD TV BOXES oh yeah Frawley does God TV boxes. Human welfare is sacrificed for cultural and personal expedients.

1,359 words


Recovering my Cultural Heritage (non racist also not given, anti-disabilist, mentalist etc)

700 words the usaul gap.

  3. PINK FLOYD ‘Ummagumma’
  4. PINK FLOYD ‘Big Fat Sun’

DESERTS OF MY LIFE IMPORTANT AND KEY** Bob Fuller ‘Dealing with Disappointment; last Sun


  1. The Cultural Desert I am robbed of a safe godly equivalent of my Culture which is expansive on TV Radio main ways of reviewing music.
  2. The Presenter Desert Seculars prove to be a Cultural Refuge and Sanctity compared to what is out there in Christian Land.
  3. The Educational Opportunities Desert; the Marginalization ** discourse of Adult Education, and University is consigned to Distance Modes and undergraduate are deprived of Research led prestigious institutions with centuries long existence.
  4. The Desert of Misunderstanding** 14 years of forced isolation and this in a Church that I belong too and am part of!!!
  5. The Joyner forced deserts NO CCM without Mr Joyner butting in with his theologies which are walked and talked across the entire Church spectrum.
  6. The Social Deserts Part II the social indeptitudes and social xxx of neighbours.
  7. The Neighbours Desert*** addiction, suicidal ideations,

God TV still have not advertised for Missions week but they are orienating their programmings towards defending the prophets and bentley lakeland etc and get churches off ground in africa, when Churches are closing in lakeland*** prophetic damage is happening, NAR prophets have spoken out Dutch Sheets and Riccardelli.’Unprecedented events well documented in blogosphere god tv angle is needed to compliment what ‘s out there.

1,582 words

Email Mummy for Nut Recipe Mixture by brand and type of nut


  1. The Versatility Test tenderloin and wonderful pork chop plus bacon, three meats, red cabbage, cabbage bacon, pork tenderloin plus apple sage, rosti with onion,


£1,600 for cat £1,700 for dog John’s Cat costs plus Alcholism costs plus fag addiction on top of asthma and empheysema shows physical damage and disease symptoms.


My blogs feel that I could end up with soaring figures and readership. Feedburners and other means of monitoring Visitors numbers-what is needed is is UNIQUE Visitors too, there is a whole lot of stuff out there I don’t know how to add onto my blogs. Other people have such well written constructed websites that my sites feel like a cobbled together notes with key key mission critical things to say. Others have Readerships I have Readers, however since God TV et al are sufficiently worried to read my blog then I cannot be too unsuccessful after all, just needing to make much needed changes.

1,772 words 300 words to finish

leftover cabbage and sausage with gravy EATEN


sliced runner beans tonight with? Cook Gammon Value Tesco with Celery, onion carrots, black peppercorns and bay leaves add in parsley too with little garlic.

Establishment Figures

The Attenboroughs, The Dimbley’s. A book no less! A book to promote on the One Show. Richmond houses with large georgian windows, Media hackdom at Richmond Times, Streets lined with small shops of increasingly high qaulity (an indicator of local wealth). Tatler Sales,stupifyingly gorgous cast offs-get back must I do Silk Shirts wash by heavy water method. Ie plonk it in water and let water soak the garment to do an non ironed -ironing effect.


Motorway Driving

Motorway Driving is boring. Slap on good music. Mast. Listed building. English heritage Mast just a concrete pole! Like an Imams call. Emily more transmitter. Ice broke the cables and fell down on the field with the head, shoebox and looked like bomb had dropped, like as if the whole thing had exploded. It split the Church in half.Electrical go to top an icon in the area. Building something on this exposed spot, kept pouring concrete. Made the building as strong decided to make it beautiful. Observation gallery taller than the Eifel Tower and smaller than.330 metres high can’t go up it.


  1. Gammon and Veggies making Ham celery onions carrots bay leaves garlic?
  2. Sliced runner beans microwave butter and eat in a pile

Mike Murdocks Disciple Todd Coontz

It is always a divine appointment. IF I dare to hear him with closed hands it is disobedience which does not sound like a God thing to me not God’s way. Tea

his ministry needs it and he provides teaching to give evidence why you should GIVE TO HIM!!

one man production show HIS OWN BOOKS are ‘gifts’ like Benny Hinn it just gets stocks down as one solicits donations for Warehoused goods.

2,072 words DONE

1,500 words Tuesday

3,572 words estimate



I seem to find short ideas Articles helpful format helpful ; that way i get ideas down as soon as I get a flash of inspiraton. Articles are it seems of solid follow upable material. for future articles essays etc.

I feel relieved glad and it is good to see figure go up in a more bitty and less solid way. I have been too intolerent of failure to produce and too geared up in past towards the WRITING and not the READING which is integral (there are other academic projects on but at the moment getting theese two done is key) Adopting my new approach has mean’t i have got a Daily done.

2,239 wordpress words done WordPress word counts wonderful as they are seem less than StarOffice

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