Diary Notes: How was it like to write and what it is I wrote about Catch up Last week..am lagging behind

How it was to write and what is was I wrote about CATCH UP TUESDAY LAST WEEK MAKING A GRAND TOTAL OF 4000 WORDS CAUGHT UP SO FAR

Diary Church yesterday, key friends people, WIFI a key concern/burden. WIFI cafe culture as yet untested. Guardian article on neglected chronically ill elderly and poor. Church oasis which felt like coming home I also had prayer for female concerns. Peter [Adams Revd.] made a quick exit and his wife Trisha took his place with FX who became the main focus of conversation with, concerning prayer. The wonders at BBC Essex whose Presenters I feel I am getting to know but like any good listener learn to interact with in a happy manner. Almost a matter for prayer? Colchester prayer net literally cover every aspect from every Institution to Radio Stations? A net is a pretty universal covering has universal coverage if you metaphorically plonked on on all over Colchester. The LORDS concern and LORDS WORK, leave it to Him. I bless and praise him for BBC Essex.


FX = Female X protected anonymity of Identity female.

MX = Male X protected anonymous Identity Male

Monday 1 September 2008



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