I have started the week with 2000 words only 75 reading pages to go (25pages Crime and Punishment) 50 in Continental Philosophy Volume




  1. 25 pages of ‘Crime and Punishment’

  2. 50 pages of ‘Continental’ Book of suitable quality has been found.

  3. Egg Foo Young from new book to do


Chicken Thighs Curry or vinegar chicken? August 25 2008 expires 27th.


Chicken Thighs in Vinegar Red sauce way forward and I get to try the Recipe.

I checked in at usual intervals which are 800 words 1,200 words 1, 500 words and two checks at 200 words done stages. I chanced on Word Count to work out whether I had done it and my estimate proved to be right.

25 pages of Crime and Punishment proved to be wearing. I now make a note of pages to be read by adding PAGE + (25, or 50pp) = n+25 n+50. My crazy idea of reading the Blackwell Companion was sheer lunacy albeit well meaning lunacy but my discouraged heart was in the right place where it should be-my HDD attests to that what with all the Public Lectures and Mp3 Lectures I have; however wonderful it does not let Universities of their fairness obligations. I love the freedom to construct my own Agenda whilst of course keeping a weather eye on the Academic Agenda in Philosophy wherever possible ( or other subject depends on whether I can get hold of the Paper/s or not to get views). Research Papers at various Institutions also get a me visit as well.

Reading seem to provide a balance to the Writing which has strangely handicapped me despite it’s liberatory aspects as the discipline helps me shape writing and set challenges for writing. Having a Laptop is an asset I wish to grow and develop with upgrade and continue with keeping alongside my everlasting devotion to all things in PROPER desktop computing ie gaming rigs who speak more of computers than a week in pc world. I read TWO Philosophers for the first time: Bloch, and Marcuse who proved to be a most enlightening fellow, Bloch revealing cleavages warranting further investigation.

The Big SIX

  1. Habermas

  2. Third Generation Critical Theory


  4. Dilthey

  5. Gadamer

  6. Ricoer who I am curious about with Levinas (LSE Public Lecture in tribute to the wondrous late Roger Silverstone)

leading me to CONTINENTAL Political Philosopher.

This plus making meal might very well take me to 1am when I shall retire to bed. The Book seems to be invested with strange soporific effects; maybe it because I watch far too much TV and it is not called ‘Idiot Box’ for nothing. Me to the rescue! I have more than enough Public Lecture materials and Course material to more than stimulate my brain and grow a few synapses in the process. Education is so anti-ageing darling mwa mwa! So it would be good just to do it today. Writing as I am doing now on How it all went helps me get perspective as well as help me look at my Writing as a Writer. Like the Academic stuff as an Academic, and the many Stories as a Novelist MIT OCW Identities key key key so my writings reading and academic work has good strong academic foundations.


2,584 words done  500 words this piece


















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