Post-Holiday Post after holiday at Chateux de lar Couronne

Report back

I did what I call an ‘easy 1000’ taking verbatim fast? Notes of todays talk on Judges 4 which was about the key work of Frog and Amy Orr Ewing in Peckham. The work they do in planting a church in Peckham. Their Church is a mixture of Professionals and the other sort.who need a [more] basic Gospel. A service that felt ‘wide’ including and inclusive, challenging to the nth degree.

Google Frog and Amy Orr Ewing work is of a frontline nature.

Their work is a far cry from the Two Point Four norms perpetuated by the Church unaware that it is in fact excluding vast masses from the one great universal: the kingdom of god.

As leaders they are under constantly under attack. No end of things have happened to them and to members of their congregation (Satan does not wish this to go ahead it glorifies god and renders jesus relevant to the common man instead of the platonic norms )

Attacks are discouraging. I feel sapped of energy thinking sister can stuff her mortgage one day offer if it ever happens up her thuggish arse, I dont want to see her again I have had enough. I have the March Wedding to endure with her social pressures which I shall ignore along with financial inducements to grab my attention. I shall ignore mums ignorant pleas for reconcilation. It is typical of mum to blameshift onto me. It wasnt me who did what she did but her and I am wrecked for it.

Life is chugging along at non rate. I am at my laptop but no life. I have the beginnings of an emergency email to key folks to let them know what has happened. UCB prayer line is open during holidays but their hatred of the church/pastoral and healing ministry beyond signs and wonders and prophecy casts a pall over goodness headed my way due to streaming their radio into my life.

The JUDGES problem looms over all.

A reliable recomendation

The Chateux de la Couronne

Take my word for it and go. The owners bend over backwards to make you happy, there is WIFI access in Room 5 where I had TWO BATHS in a room more akin to a Wet Room for my proposed Conferences. Plus you get a respectable corner view overlooking the front garden with the pool view immediatly within view.

The food is first class. The food is atypically french loaded with fats sugar and other sins but it is perfect. There is a large Banquet Size banqueting hall with a balcony? the coffee is perfect KEY KEY KEY.

And the owners could not do enough for you hence my highest of recomendations.

This is to direct traffic and trade to them in the Credit Crunch. At £12,000 per week hire you can take over the entire hotel which is great. Who wants to share a place when you can have this.

Writing levels may have been too low? too constrained? and reading? I think i have to write? what is way forward? ideas?

651 words

The rest was more notes from various programmes that Channel 4 with it’s companion Channels have been churning out.

I did no more than 2000 words during holiday period and that was with unbelievable difficulties; for some reason I was possessed by a desire to do absolutely nothing and writing felt like a duty I force on myself (that is minus the Critics function which is the other way which is something I have yet to discover/be provided for the whole Editor bit in all its glory and more gory).

Her Professor gives her room to breathe. Rita would have to do her homework in college.(Educating Rita with Julia Walters )

I would not stay with him if he burn’t my books. Anyway I will post it up she says reacting to the film. Such actions are grounds for divorce.

207 words

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