I need to READ FIRST then write then learn On-Demand Self-Generated Tasks as in ‘Fields of Reading’ Conley et al

i must READ before i WRITE. I need to do a a big catch up on READING as I reckon I am ducking out because of intellectual cowardice, fear etc.

Iron sharpens iron. I have seen intellects academics and non-academics that quite frankly make me feel tiny under-qualified and small leading me to view academic success as Postgraduate Schemes performance and preparedness not withstanding.

I must get prescription for lanzaprazole this week an intelligent action and exercise today visit H in a distressing home away from home as difficult situation has erupted in local community my neighbours a ready supply of drama, problems and horrible social ineptitudes. Then at least education is my medication i hope my brain is growing as a result of new synaptic connections. I must read read read, relax with limited tv and radio, and learn how to go off into lay bys with no activities and not go right into business and busyness that too is an intelligent action.

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