REWARD POST: I have done 6000 words in my attempt to catch up last week never mind THIS WEEK

I should feel GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. I should pat myself on the back and not put such harsh burdensn on myself. Only 14,000 words to go to catch up; but i don’t want to acculmulate debts and I don’t like this or want this situation continuing. I need Deadline or Essay Words too but have not the energy or stamina and I barely have it for reading although i want to read in order to cut down computer time whilst wanting seeking relentlessly to have online access and not have to be off; and Notebook taking capacity that the pc seems to foster in me. the transcribing element is minimal in me i don’t want more transcription than is neccessary maybe i need to under time online than over me. so this is a short post to post up Reward and Kindness to myself for such a major achievement despite the deficit

151 words

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