NEW Novel of the Month, Week, Season etc:Crime and Punishment Dotsoevsky


So far very grim, very smelly, very poor, very vivid, very psychological, very intelligent giving rightful ground to the intellectual so beloved of our Family.

Raskolnikoff is in a real crisis having murdered the two ladies the Pawner and her daughter with an axe, whose behaviour is concerning his friends and family to the extent that the old bill are on his case. The people are poor, alcoholism is rampant. One reason for having extra interest in this book is the fact that we have an Alcoholic on the ‘campus’. This book is still a work in progress so this are just my first impressions. I am on page 244 book size is 435 pages long. This is not quite young drunken Brits in search of a good laugh; more the endless drudgery of poverty with the drinking dens and the smell of crime not afar off. The World is sordid, landlord driven, ROOMS not flats, (thank the LORD that I have a Flat which is preferable for a down at heel environment that is thankfully serviced by two adjacent Supermarkets Tesco and Asda in all their wonder and Waitrose with any luck on the cusp of the Ipswich Road ( I will go online for deliveries as their vegetables keep better than Tesco). No such riches here, even though the Supermarkets exploit their customers. Everything is small scale, mean, shabby, dirty. Suicide figures in the failed suicide of a young lady who is rescued who tries to jump off a bridge. Thus far a gripping and vivid read and well worth the overdue inclusion of him and his Ilk in my voluminous Reading List too overweighted by serious and heavy Philosophy which is hardly light material.

285 words





314 words

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