I believe I have 20,000 word deficit 4000 words done for last week today Monday 4th August 2008


How it was to write and what is was I wrote about

Diary Church yesterday, key friends people, WIFI a key concern/burden. WIFI cafe culture as yet untested. Guardian article on neglected chronically ill elderly and poor. Church oasis which felt like coming home I also had prayer for female concerns. Peter [Adams Revd.] made a quick exit and his wife Trisha took his place with FX who became the main focus of conversation with, concerning prayer. The wonders at BBC Essex whose Presenters I feel I am getting to know but like any good listener learn to interact with in a happy manner. Almost a matter for prayer? Colchester prayer net literally cover every aspect from every Institution to Radio Stations? A net is a pretty universal covering has universal coverage if you metaphorically plonked on on all over Colchester. The LORDS concern and LORDS WORK, leave it to Him. I bless and praise him for BBC Essex.

Writing Verbatim helps. I did 765 words just on Sermon recording; the Laptop my glorified Notebook.(it’s other name entirely appropriate as far as I can see; witness Students typing  in Lecture Notes straight onto Laptops, thats me!) Commentary seems to help as does finding and setting Standards and Role Models. Dotsoevsky looks like so far one whom you wish to emmulate. Diary helps getting it all out. using writing to tell it all as it is no holds barred. Commentary on life here helps the various shenangians, ups and downs, fearsome things and wonderous things about Life in the Community. Home sweet Home. TV programmes like Masterchef, The Apprentice and ‘Come Dine with Me’ where Commentary is an Art to be learned.

News Stories, Theories and the intellectual dimension of living here. ALL life has an intellectual dimension just as it has a physical, emotional, psychological,spiritual, relational etc.

Books I am learning to comment on. Book Reviews especially Academic are in Academic Crap Writing Department but as I learn to read so I have found myself reacting and responding to texts with various degrees of ease/dis-ease, pleasure or pain, work load or less work load (work load is inbuilt into the texts BTW) author fluency or not as the case may be. This is a whole new ballgame as there are those far better than me at doing it with enviable Knowledge bases our friends the Academics and whole Academia thing.

The Task Dimension: Fields of Reading Conley et al

I need the ability to write crap in answer to questions key as I realise doing it to order is as important as learning to do it myself. This is something I have got to learn. So far no complete essays but full and thorough notes that can form the basis of Essays. I am having to learn how to take notes and trust the notes I take and see the flaws in my notetaking and lack of attentiveness; when close meticulous attention to detail is required. This is definitely a steep learning curve but there seems to be a me-friendly theme in the Readings so far (disability and it’s consequences on folks lives) which I can capitalise on. (but maybe the Themes don’t result in more egalitarina outlooks aggh it is just an exercise in public service writing).it is a matter of discipline. much like taking exercise which is another habit to conquer.

Thank the LORD I saw ‘The Quest for a Million Words’ Blog because I now know to factor in ALL wordage into my calcuations in order to get a more accurate picture.

694 words

Creative dimension; another load of crap rubbish junk. I have two crappy novels on HDD count to Overall word count. This year I plan something where I cannot copy and paste helpful text into the Text (nanowrimo november 2008) for the first time ever. So I have to be prepared for implausible plot lines, crazy characters, clumsy names but oh so many lessons as I learn to read, write, as an Academic, Novelist, Writer (MIT OCW Modus Operandi for Students) and learn to conquer the numerous demons in reading and writing many pieces of prose in order to find my voice.

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