Groan :( I have 8,000 words to go to catch up on and wonder about strategy


How I feel about Catching UP?

The task is awesome. I am not outside no knickers but mini ruined red dress on. The number is prohibitive. Dostoevsky is awesome. (Crime and Punishment a personally significant Novel for our Family).

I am pondering whether to add 500 word chunks for next eight weeks or do occasional writing binges to catch up and see how I feel. I made a Table for myself with additional words ranging from an extra 2000 words a day (minus Reading!!) making 4000 words. To 500 words over eight weeks.

But just catching up this week just pushing through is proving to be problematic.

But life has suddenly got more proportion as the data of my Windows XP PRO AMD has got Word/Open Office data on it and despite the mountains ahead the total will be a lot easier to calculate leaving only the Windows 98 PC to get an External FDD USB to upload bit by bit every single Word /Open Office file  onto my Laptop meaning at least I get a more accurate and encouraging ego-boosting but still falling short picture. I have been EIGHT MONTHS OFFLINE.!! and that excludes extensive and growing Blog Posting. ( A Million Words blog inspiration) which will raise my totals inexorably.

236 words Final

212 words

Sometimes I cannot ‘feel’ I dissociate.

When I cannot ‘feel’ the Literature available to me i.e Family Library availabilities

When I cannot perceive my Resources.(and end not using them).



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