My Achievements: I read 43 books last year at worst 20 books per year

My rest period of 2 hours exposed great untruths in my being: I had not celebrated and rejoiced in my Achievements. These Achievements being that I read 43 books either Last year 2007 or read 21 and a bit books over 2 year Period since Project started.

I have posted links on my Blogroll of those who are more ambitous,settled or at least similar to myself to encourage like-minded persons to be aware of each other. It is vital to find similar folks because I cannot read alone-there are serious Groups on Library Thing and on Facebook- and I must not think of myself as all on my own unless I am on my own. So this evening 9:34pm UCB UK in background I am going to remedy this and post up my Achievements and get this horrible instability into perspective or overuse of TV  or up and down or xxxxxxxxx???

I ALWAYS date my Tags so I have a sense of time. It also helps me get a sense of perspective looking back.

Tiredness has returned for originations of the Project which began with Rodriguez book ‘The Hunger of Memory ‘ whose Title is probably wrong but I will recheck when I am more alert and compis mentis.


 ADMIN NOTE: This Link is no longer active as contents of above Blog have been transferred to this Blog.

Ihad no  need to  to buy ‘Hunger of Memory’ because MIT Opencourseware had the most substantial and meaningful chunks of it on website. All it did was fill me in with the Rodriguez Story which shows how Academia can separate you from sociability social life swallowing up all things in it’s obsession. He is clearly disatisfied by the  exercise as despite the massive fruits of the exercise he turns down positions which he knows are geared towards remedying deficiences ie racial minority within Academia. He is humble enough to tell us his real employment position as maybe his refusal also cost him valuable employment especially in academia where it is hard to break in.

342  words updated Sunday 4th January 2008 

Word Count

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