I did a 120,000 words on this laptop before saintly brother repaired it this year 2008


In the days before I was restored to online usage, software updates etc I laboured under not-able-to-be-updated software problems, numerous Blue Screens of Death, a hijacking of Profile area of Buffalo WifI Modem, and an inability software wise, especially Vista wise** I did 120,000 words.

My Brother tells me that I have a million files on previous best machine an XP Pro AMD some with 8,500 subdivisions. I have no idea how he found that out.

I know more than my mum miles more BUT I DON’T KNOW ENOUGH***[about pc hardware, software and anything else needed to be like Brother who system builds and upgrades]

Add in AMD XP Pro machine and heaven knows how many I have. My windows 98 machine drive was wiped so hopefully all I have to Is access the FDD via an External FDD port on USB. Voila! I am so glad I backed up onto FDDs’s useless as they are; because I will be able to generate the Windows 98 Document picture in terms of Wordage done. It could be another 120,000 words? 240,000 words???!!!

203 words


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