Book Number Book read 2008 Wrong! I did do some Reading a few pages of ‘Crime and Punishment’

Dostoevsky’s fine precise prose, his sense of action. I understand the time span is all but a two weeks.

His prose demands an exact reading. Not unlike the Philosophers but in an altogether more relaxed manner; although one could say his prose is demanding. When I read Dostoevsky I smell the stench, I see the poverty, I smell the drunkeness (the whole alcoholic thing is a revelation to me seeing as I/we live with one on the ‘campus’ that is name of ‘campus’), I sense the desperation, I see the rags.

I fear execution scenes that no doubt will be full of graphic detail except in novelistic form.

Just as if i read Foucault for example I have the thrill of having to imagine the horrific execution of a Gaston fellow. I have also decided to incorporate Novels in the daily Quota. This relieves me of stress and helps me grapple with the Philosophy thing only via the Literature path.

161 words FINAL

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