I have 6000 words to catch up for this week as I have fallen far behind targets


This week was mean’t to be the first Week when I re-instated the 10,000 word Limit and made a healthy attempt to also multiply my Philosophers from singular to plural form. but it is proving more difficult than at first i thought.

I might have to tackle deficit in 500 word chunks which is almost a page or 450 chunks which is more realistic and add up to 4-5 pages and tick it off rewarding myself in the process.

I am blogging on Blackwell Volume separately as with other academic and literary volumes in my possession then you can see the struggles, pain, difficulties and insights as they emerge from the depths of BLANK -O-SPHERE and I will build a picture of what it is to get these book habits into my very being and in second nature.

I am also going to post up any Youtube and other host videos of Marathon Reader-Writers.  I have saved a few for my Blogroll.

One funny feeling i had when I was offline thinking myself in trouble was how it seemed to create space which said ‘reading’ so maybe I am out of balance and am needing to restore and create balance.

Words 159

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