2000 Word Essay for Today Completed but no Reading done



Change Aladdin Sane Bowie from Aladdin to here people here and all the working people do a collage and do mad imagery suggesting various mental illnesses*

include All the Madmen ditto as part of collage. The Us part of us and them spectrum.

Google Zimbabwe sites blogs live action on situation.

Ancient pictures of asylums prisoning conditions and overdue changes and history is overdue to change for us.

1,936 words

74 words to go

I managed to fill scruffy Value shopping Trolley to capacity with a ‘small’ Shop doing the Real Deal Online for the first time for eight months or more/

I walked round the Store as a sort of exercise but it don’t beat the Country Park for sheer Getting Away from it All Feeling.

My Tesco Finest Chicken Tikka Marsala is cooking in oven (prefered method). I also treated myself to my Weekly Quota of Red Fruit which up to now has been a whole packet (450g) of Strawberries which are cut, quartered and eaten minus sugar and cream the traditional accompaniments.

2043 words DONE but Essay incomplete. The rest of the time it is baked apples cooked with my favourite Mince Meat plus Lemon to add the magic touch to the whole dish served with Fresh Lemon Juice Yoghurt. Luscious in itself.

I managed to complete todays task by writing about domestic matters such as main meal and need to use Tesco as an exercise yard. Todays writing was slower tortured No Reading today unless I do a late night Philosopher stint.? even if it is to break the ice and regain and increase competence.
266 words on document now 267 words FINAL


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