Tiredness and New Non-smoking Table-Bench distract me from Writing

John is happy. I am getting dirty looks from Terry’s friends who John has befriended no doubt by slagging me off to all and sundry. The lady has hid from me. The New Table Bench gives a new vantage point to the many goings on in this place. Living here brings out worst in one. One is forced to encounter incoherence, stupidity, boundary incursions, psychic disturbances because of the many mental illnesses here. PROBLEMS become the fodder of conversation which never get resolved unless folks are on a forward Path. EDIT

The Table is too hot to run computer at so I put it in the Laptop bag I purchased specially. Laptop bags,accessories are key to run this thing plus LOCKS, dongles, HSPDA modems that run via USB, and any other thing that I can think off to make life easier and of course SECURE.

LAPTOP SECURITY is henceforth initiated by the diligent and careful prioritisation and security concious and protective routes. I hope the folks chatting out here get laptops that are technically right good and troubles lowering plus all the bumpt. We need to be blessing each other despite of gross difficulties involved in living here. The Smoke Cigarette Smoke is an Ever Present Threat from whom there is NO SHELTER. I am not sure Staff placed benches in best place. Maybe Cameras were reason as there are two in view at various angles; thankfully the Tree blocks the new bench table but one is still visible in this open plan Panopticon of a place, in an Open Plan Panopticon of a Society. (online, Jeremy Bentham, Foucault and the Disciplinary Individual so I find out citation reference link here). I have to go indoors to refill batteries then its off a sneaky sneak in of laptop to the Lakes via Waterway and Hollymead??

I am trying to download an audio version of Aristotles’Poetics’ but it has frozen my Firefox Tabs (3) and I am running ITUNES on ITUNESU in order to download a succession of courses, perhaps my own version a customised University to suit my little self.

I am so tired that it takes coffee to make me remotely alert the tiredness is sleep debt accumulated over an indeterminate period of time. Perhaps I should not try to multitask as I should monitor the Aristotle download as well. I don;t know if Poetics got onto HDD but at least I can try again. Readings of new blog have gone up from 2 on day to 20 which is quite a few percentage points 2+18 = n percentage points.

words 419 words testing this WP word count thing that I love like MS Office Home and Student Trial Word Count.

Update 437 words

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