Reading Project 50 to 100 Books at year is behind and discouraged with many many partial Reads, Novels brought in to lighten the tone

  1. HUME ‘On Suicide’
  2. MORE ‘Utopia’ began a key Read.
  3. JAMES Clive ‘Snakecharmers in Texas’ Highbrow Literary Culture that apes Academe at its most challenging and presently inaccessible state with languages and latin.
  4. BOOTH Wayne ‘The Craft of Research’ Very good volume but finishing is the problemn.
  5. KANT ‘A Very Short Introduction’ the famous VSI’s produced by Oxford. Kant wearing brain out with exhaustion but in light of Blackwell Continental Philosophy Volume; I can see how thought as evolved from Kantian to Critical Theory with Religion without limits of Reason still to be negotiated as part of the process.
  6. ARENDT Hannah ‘The Human Condition’ a PY111 Book returning too. Chosen for genesis of new beginnings philosophy. (academic source online)
  7. BERGER John’The Sociology of Religion’ hard to read and much to google text on both sides of the spectrum.
  8. CONNERTON Eds ‘Critical Theory a Reader’ a serious Critical Theory Reader lent by academic Family member (4 volumes altogether meticulously preserved to continue access)
  9. FRIERE Paulo ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ for my Pedagogical searches on ever challenging Research Draft evaluation project.
  10. BARO Martin Ignacio ‘ Writings from a Liberation Psychology’ I may need Essex Latin American Academic Therapy.
  12. LEARNER DICTIONARY II to soak in take in and google out.


  1. KYMLICA ‘Introduction to Political Philosophy’ a demanding detailed Academic in style of Alex Danchev pens a rigorous demanding yet accessible with effort volume an eye openner. Research draft book.
  2. BAUMAN Zymunt’ Liquid Modernity’ or what life is life when we are forced into ‘casualization’ of labour BF Fuller. Bauman is a prophet of doom who does not seem to wish to dirty his hands in solutions.
  3. FOUCAULT’ Madness and Civilization’ full of insights academe is not picking up on but I am.
  4. FREUD ‘Civilization and it’s Discontents’ A psychoanalytical view  of the discontents of Civilization which is not called into question. Serendipitous given ‘Freud and Philosophy’ Philosophy Now issue.

324 words to add to Credits granted to myself playing Professor/PhD Student in Research led/Intensive Institution

339 words FINAL

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