Mum’s Birthday 2008: a slow push towards the 2000 words mark

I FEEL like shit. I feel I don’t want to do it I feel as if 10,000 words is beyond me but I have got to do it. My laptop feels essential to life and limb and I can’t wait to do the Cafe Culture in the Town Centre and elsewhere where I can get away with it; ideally with others tapping away on their keyboards-supping on real coffee, real worthwhile refreshments, friendly hosts and so forth. Outside the warmth and welcome of Compuccinos I want to find alternative Venues as food puts me off. Thank goodness for the Hygeine Certificate which I shall take in due course and overdue healing on work thing undergirded by a good bit of Pastoralia and healing.

If I was like I am with the Tesco crowd that would be good. Natter and work arse off.

Also work related chat. Social gregarious Reference Making and advance of goals to Catering Assistant status and ultimate Chef/Boss of Kitchen in his humble service churning out menus the punters love. And ascendancy in my own right plus stamina etc.

Writing feels difficult like hard work maybe because I am so tired. I am shocked at how bad my old HDD’s are and only one HDD is useable. Get a Thermaltake case get it all recased and installed at home by pcarenas and praise god for my lovely It engineer of brother and dear old David IT Engineer to my rescue with work and solutions. I wish I did not buy the Buffalo as one needs to be a techie to configure it.The BT Home Hub however more than meets my needs and I am pleased that it is N Technology. 949 words. Reluctance and apathy overwhelms my being. A feeling that Idon’t want too. Maybe half a million words ultimately is a bit big for baseline words and 20,000 pages of academic text mighty ambitious but I need all the help I can get in order to do Draft research proposal evaluation AND protect my arse within (proposed )academic a circles where of course I have the most invidious sinister things against me even if I was Professor Mark II like my Dad and theoried up like him I.e if I discovered and added to knowledge then in event of dying my ideas be carried on by academia and I watch the action from the Vaults of Heaven; living it up in every sense of the word and loving and being loved by god big time with a healing of whole

430 words done on copy and paste today 30th July 2008

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