I do full words in face of Masterchef Final with Liz Mark an Andi Liz most interesting Candidate

Andi pushes through anti malarial symptoms. How impressive is that mark exceptionally well, Liz certainly competing with boys. Very close call. Mark favourite. Cat among the pigeons. Amateurs. Liz rose up to the challenge. Nearer to masterchef title mark. 36Hrs later Berkeley hotel five hours five michellin star chefs chefs offer. Complex complex food. Novice especially nervous for Liz, nothing left kitchen below par. Test mark to the absolute limit. Meringue. Liz tomatoes for her soup. Special meal for chefs. Liz wants to cry she is stressed. Andy working methodically, andi not in control weakened by african experience, whole thing thats died. Substandards scone or knock it on the head, mark and liz liz is falling behind. All three. One and two michellin starred chefs. Liz doing well smiles. Horrible completely utterly want to cry. Posh ploughmans. Offer her a job! Very impressed. Mark done a runner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! marcus wareing not first nor last.well overdue up to mark to turn things around.no return . Wake him up.andi having to improvise.

2.290 words done Masterchef Final I am inspired by Heidi Stephens Commentating abilities on The Gaurdian Blog.

Masterchef Final full of drama and well worth every every minute.

Words maybe of a narrative bumping along and always refering to the computer type. You get it done but you are mightily occupied. Atttempts at rough note commentating on Masterchef. Rough Notes done give good idea so as to form basis for articles etc. Verbatim Notetaking is very close to my heart. Writers Journals are a very good and wise idea. I must adopt this practice as I learn to Read and Write as a Writer, Academic, Novelist (MIT OCW) so identities in place whilst I churn out crap that is hard to write.

285 words done.

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