I am pushing towards 2000 Word Target today only 600 to go to Finish

IMPORTANT NOTE:My old Blogs Amateur Social Science Bookworm and Amateur Social Science Bibliography are now on this blog and no longer on Blogger. I transferred to WordPress because they seem concerned, involved and caring of those who use Service unlike Blogger/Google who despite horrendous wealth and great ideas leave us in the cold.

READIN’ As an Academic, Novelist and Writer, Commentator etc etc

Reading is proving more difficult than I had previously supposed.

Maybe thats why I have ended up giving priority to Writing rather than Reading; even though the Fluencies are essential, logical, supportable, pedagogically viable and it is an overall Good Project that could be translated into all sorts of lives and situtaions.

From Professionals of all sorts and every kind of hue to Amateurs to Students to Children.

This Project is bigger in concept than the innocent sounding title suggests. Like Chris Baty I make no pedagogical claims only hope than in my life and in millions of others a Virtuous Efficent Habitus (Bourdieu) Habits in English might arise in this Pedagogical Earth, liberating all kinds of needy people including of course my neighbours and those in work and workless needing to liberate the Writer Academic Novelist Commentator Polymath within them.

I do not deny Pedagogies or styles how can I? I am all for the fit Public School or University where Teaching and Research is top class and happy smiles are all around in Education Land

Part I School

Part II University

Part III The University of One’s Circumstances, The Campus of One’s Life she says sounding terribly phenomenological and I believe existentialist while she is at it.

Part IV The Adult Education Scene which needs releasing into Qaulity Areas and Qaulity Results/Outcomes Outcoming themselves into our only too pedagogically marginalised lives.

Part V Anything else The University of the Air to kids computers to MIT Opencourseware and all that that implies.

Maybe I am engaging in intellectual cowardice.

Maybe I am ducking out of meaningfully engaging with academic texts especially those like Arendt who are peppered with very readable but slowing Footnotes. Maybe the Word ‘academic’ holds too many fears of not making it or of over- ambition. Ambition being a good thing not only to be able to churn out PAPERS in time but also most crucially ascend the ladder of longed for Postgraduatism.

The arena of Supervision and Committee of intellectual conversations*** and Seminars, Public Lectures and PG Papers inclusion in Online Sites moi researching x y z the a b cof do da da.

(Mummy and Daddy would be pleased and can you imagine what it would feel like to have DR in front of one’s name, because one could use one’s newly minted Skills to actually research and not feel like a fraud as I do now, however endorsing Independent Self -Motivated Researching regardless of what Institutions are doing in their Research Bases or not as the case maybe)

AND have that as a FOUNDATION for all manner of Creative Endeavour, Multi-Media, Online this and that plus Novels, Articles, Papers(!!!), Books (get that book out Kiddo) Galleries etc etc Songs Music. Enhancing and using whats out there to tell a Story and on and on and on and on Poetry.

Whoops History is rearing its ugly head again (online searches). The locked up works of the Afflicted never getting a Mainstream Audience so some Excluded Groups not getting Access whilst others at least have Departments and Institutes devoted to their Cause.559 words We get sweet diddly sqaut but a refusal to unite Science with Social Science Philosophy, Art, Literature etc etc.


  1. Anti-RACISM (all Ethnicities and every shade in between from Tribes to Nations)

  2. Anti-SEXISM (Gender especially Female)

  3. Anti- Anti Being anti Children (Child Protection Policies, Policy Frameworks etc)

  4. Anti-Anti Being (Family, Husband Wife Children)




I don’t want a distorted Identity Politics just an equal footing in proper Representative Democracy.

I want a cacophony of liberal eqaulitarians which might just want to be right old Capitalists and Free Marketeers.(!!!!!). I want loving Academics who care about ME entering the Tunnel of PhD Love and winning my Entry into numerous Postgraduate wonders-where the REAL academia takes place after one has acquired the Knowledge that needs to be specialised however its modular construction. (No such thing as a trouble-free Ideology

Philosophy Theory application to Society is sure recipe for seeing how effective above is).

But I feel like I am on the Edge minus the sweet comforts of Knowledge Acquisition and testing and the whole University thing which seems positively safe and nurturing compared to the overexposure of non academics to academics and the vulnerability of us thereof and the Universities don’t care and I wish they did.

I wish the Scene was integrated, valid, rigorous not lacking its critical radical edge-but embracing all that is good lovely pure and of good report in Academia (that is much it is the corruptions that spoil and anything gets corrupted and prone to entropy). I wish I wish that part of me was ok instead of needing right revolutions and inclusions (just get it into the Times Higher you get what I mean and be above).

I want, need to be an Inveterate Creative Socialite who writes, a Bohemian inheriting her Bohemian inheritance making it despite of everything and my not seeking fame fortune and recognition just the Roles and Identities of High Achievement and High Adventure.


  1. Promotion to God TV Joyner Friend when I broke all their Rules for praying by Cameron Dante and Steve Cockram. Plus acceptance as UK Moderator on Tastyfresh a Christian DJ Site.

  2. The Research Draft Bid which I am working on is one big adventure. The R&D Manager in NE England has no idea the work I am putting into it in order to help her, look after my arse and make numerous intellectual gains.

  3. God TV The Governmental Goals of God TV WordPress has 70,000 hits and has spawned other prophetic sites. I have pioneered Financial Commentary on God TV for the First time in history. God TV Finances are my informal Maths Teacher. Out with the Calculator and maths head!!

  4. Intellectual conversations with friends who happened to be academics (greater apprehension needed of Taxi Driver aspect needed) which are genuine, life giving and unspeakable.

  5. Recognition that whole Promotions Unexpected Tasks business needs a whole wad of healing. (1,087 words)


  1. PC System Building and Upgrading to be like Brother in other words even if it never earns me a dime.

  2. Catering Assistant Restoration to Chef for Alpha. My Cheffing skills in aid of the spread of the Good News of the Kingdom of God the Real if Challenging Realm.

  3. Secretarial and PA useful for Academia and Academic Paper Writing Skills replete with understood French, German, Latin, Greek, and hefty amount of Mathematics as high as I like and can go (but we start low you understand no high is possible without low you know)

  4. Cleaning Skills like my other Brother who has immaculate intelligent mathematical skills in it clothed with precision and intelligence and beauty.

  5. Car and Bicycle Repair ditto.

1,215 words Progress Report as I will publish this online.


Wonderful people are not exactly practical but their intellects are enviable and I wish I had them.

800 words to go.

I should scan my Fourfold Leaflet an LSE Leaflet reinforced by cardboard making eight bookmark like Columns for having a movable record of my ideas and ambitions without overdoing it.

I now have a Printer Scanner and Copier once again to my lovely brother who is so darn good with it-but I really need Gaming Rig one day as that is PROPER Computing. Home and Domestic Computing. Computing of the Domestic/Professional Sphere. (Arendt and Habermas who I must read in the Mix here). I now have an orange cardboard Bookmark List of the Partially Completed Reads.

Compare Budget Carriers with Chartered Aircraft. The One Show with the charming Dom Blackwood. I am not surprised Adrian Chiles has been head-hunted to ITV. I bet ‘The One Show’ is another Hit in the land of Dire TV. Adrian and Christine are a charming warm affable pair oozing warm, personality. Their success is well deserved.(pushing thorough to 2000 mark) The One Show celebrates the Man on the Street AND the Intellect through its various Presenter-Scholars in a way that is positively subtle engaging.

1,416  words over 600 to finish. REST 7.07pm REST to ( ) pm

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