Download Mania has taken hold of me on newly restored Laptop Writing is low and a struggle

My HDD (Vista) is getting smaller by the minute; I keep loading it up with Videos of every possible type;naturally what I can get my little exhausted mits on. I thought I would just let be at 70 videos (Miro) but now I am going nuts over some Research Channel or some University Channels output biology neuroscience among them.

All I want is to go to bed but I have to watch downloads. Maybe I can grab a rest and then let it download whilst I am in the Land of Nod. Reading will be impossible until I am fully rested. No walks I feel as if I am getting out of a habit I desperately need to get into but I am still exhausted due to not sleeping probably since the 15th of July and the whole John/Mental Illness/Evangelism or not thing/praying thing or not fears/ whole thing that aint working as it works for other groups thing.

I can hear them chatting outside.

I colonized the new Table which has an vantage point from being clean in a smoke filled summer atmosphere when one uses the far side. One is not even protected indoors where it seems in and makes your flat smell like a smokers one. Not fair.!!

 words in a  Warm up period

220 words on WordPress Tuesday 30th July 2008


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