Reading Progress: The Blackwell Companion to Continental Philosophy

Page 383 Hans Bloch, Religion and Reason excluded although it appears that each Article builds on one another. So I will have to go back in order to complete the book.

Critical Theory from First Generation to Third Generation (?) is being covered and overall theories about humankind seem to abound from it’s different angles. Reading here has proceeded along ‘A Philosopher a Day’ line. I have not managed to get beyond PAD into plural forms like ‘Philosophers a Day’ just like one would help oneself to a good meal. (some Academics need cheffing skills when it comes to writing good readable even if complex prose of more later).

Getting this ‘meal’ is proving a lot more difficult than at first appeared.

Roger Scrutons Very Short Introduction to Kant has brought on mental exhaustion after only Chapter Two, and I gave up or partially read Connerton Critical Theorists as language very difficult. Bergers’ Sociology of Religion’ is a difficult read and full of terms which need to be noted and googled in this vast Desert Land they call xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx YYYYY academia. ( my neighbours regard me as the Academic of the Complex).

The Companion is  a vast bulky Volume. I estimate if I read 75pp  a day I can do it in nine days BUT enjoyment and learning of text is essential; I will NOT read a text and NOT ENJOY IT; that is more than I can bear; I would rather partially read texts (loads about 13 partially read Texts so far limit!) and go back to it refreshed than read it at top speed.

The Companion to Continental Philosophy Simon Critchley (Essex PT) and Schoeder(?) is one of my main instruments in getting the Research Draft Bid actually done and dusted.

I am now online and can now download zillions of Papers provided I can access them of course, from wherever I dare. University Depositories are frightening. God only knows the number of cookies I have from every Institution in the known Universe!! Some places are less scary but it is ALWAYS an illicit affair and daresay I have downloaded some major major signficant ground-breaking Corkers. I dare not get to know a site, I dare not delve deeply. I only wish Academics did not mind and Institutions did not mind the illicit downloads as it fosters intellectual collegiality the term is and the practice of Intellectaul Conversation which thankfully is nice and demanding and not at all stigmatising even though I would not wish my Circumstances on anyone in the world. Papers helps which I scan to assess value. There ARE scary Favourites whom I would happily download EVERYTHING [relevant] to my difficult and challenging Project/s and I dread to think of what they think of me. (one Institution I download from I would seek to win the VIP’s (the academics) onto my side. I once attended a Public Lecture there and thankfully had a good time, a would be undergraduate who needed the funds took note of a thought of mine from the Lecture, and I refered him to Essex Government and Sociology Departments for inspiration.  A key Institution of mine and one for intellectual investigation of Research base; as far as possible, as deep as I dare to go like this Other Highly Desirable but unfortunately marginalising Institution. Agggh but it happens everywhere and I have to so bloody good to win their hearts love and support if I ever dare to get in and enter the Academic Stratosphere.

Yes downloading Papers is scary indeed!

Back to the Continental Philosophy tome. It is definitely current thinking. I am working out in context of Philosophy Now Forums and extremely desirable idea of ever being asked to gasp write an article one day. but dismiss that little me it would help me look good. Lay Philosophizing and Learning to Philosophize nay beyond the Sacred Canon in all it’s aspects is my yet again scary goal. So far at least i get an idea of where I guess man- on -the- street philosophizing might come in; as if it would be marked!! as if meritricious in its own right!!! Thank God for Fiche, Bergson, Bataille. (Blackwell Companion to Political Philosophy)

Word Count 700

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