I have done 4000 words this week on warm up posts to get me back into the loop

I wrote 2 lots of 2000 words = 4000 words this week. Getting Today’s 2000 target will be easy despite the pain the difficulties and struggles associated with giving the various Fluencies to birth.

I have also decided to take a note of word counts courtesy of Word Press and append it to every Article. Readers don’t have to read it it is there for my encouragement and helps me to keep a more accurate picture of what really is going on. Blog Posts + Baseline 2000 words+ Additional Words + Fields of Reading Exercises and Research Draft Proposal Bid thinkings= n true figure. My True Figure is probably a lot higher than my baseline figure which from this Laptop for this Years 3 months runs at 120,000 words. Add in Win 98 Sessions and it will be a lot higher. Add in Blog postings I wish ALL Blog Clients ran word count- I know one can copy and paste into client ; so I will have to work out what to do. Word Count will therefore be a priority in order for this more accurate picture to emerge.

What to write about?

Me, Life here which is full of drama (suicide threats were weekly now only recent, but suicide attempt for instance in The Wonderful World of Suicide). Politics, TV Programmes aim to get Masterchef Commentary to standard of The Gaurdian. The latest Crediters and Suppliers not being paid antics by God TV whose blog I am trying to get restored to so I can run this one and that one. A blow by blow account of Life Outdoors in the Garden (miserable oppressiveĀ  slumped faces, lives ruined by mental health system and stigmas attached to it still not resolved unlike other Groups). Train Journeys, Confessions, Church Sermons and various Articles I have pegged up in the Title ‘Title’ Line of Text connoting Title e.g The Wonderful BBC Radio Essex,

My Opinions on various things going on in Cyberspace and on TV. Self Taught Autodidacts such as Lord Melvyn Bragg who get away with it because they are big names whereas.. maturity is an disadvantage in HE Institutions…., various Shows like ‘Personal Services Required’ C4, ‘The Hotel Inspector’ Fiver, ‘Come Dine with Me’ unsurprisingly a hit as the Net has revealed and other such key programmes.(What NOT to go for in Hotels, the disturbing reappearing World of Upstairs Downstairs especially in Grassos case the All In One Driver,Au Pair, Personal Chef, substitute Wife (right looks PLEASE!),Dog Hotel Runner; you get the picture.

Plus the REAL problems of learning to find a voice to articulate ‘Exploring Self in Society’ and you see that I am on a Journey of giving birth to Voices, Opinions, Commentary, Book Reviews (crap academic ones), Academic thinking and so forth.

Word Count 453

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