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3000 Day 1 6000 Day 2 Nanowrimo 2007

Practice Practice Practice Write Crap that’s OK PhD Masters Learn to write like the Pro’s Books Papers Novels etc RANDOM WORD FOR TODAY ( ) 6000 words so far out of 50,000
My Novel is like an kind of ’emerging’ novel a story that is arising out of the morass of circumstances.

Monday, 22 October 2007

1,448 words and thats Governmental Goals of God TV Posts!!

Practice Practice Practice Write Crap that’s OK PhD Masters Learn to write like the Pro’s Books Papers Novels etc RANDOM WORD FOR TODAY ( shouted adapt) EX- NIHILO Special Term

1,448 words. Lecture attendance (look forward) would increase Wordage naturally and Essays/Papers a further wad plus extensive notes into proposed Laptop (take to Library and Lectures make it obvious you are taking notes not on Messenger or some other device unless emergency) so

  1. Average Lecture Time = Average Lecture Notes depends on whether you know Subject or not; Podcasts ESSENTIAL for revision.

  2. Average Notes on Laptop saving laborious transcription a nightmare straight into PC is thing organise and follow up notes. Don’t forget to rest.

  3. One of those Fellowes thingys to make me a real Pro so I don’t have to crick neck. A Good idea here too in the University of 231 where I set my own Reading List and set my own Questions and have my own Results of hard work and literally thousands of Papers.

  4. Plus wayward notes on other activities. Perhaps Work Load Wordage is the minimum in PRODUCED TERMS rather than contributory terms.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Wordage today 1,623 words DONE Word: SAVINGS

Practice Practice Practice Write Crap that’s OK PhD Masters Learn to write like the Pro’s Books Papers Novels etc

  1. At least Openoffice likes to SAVE my words saving me a lot of aggro that I have to manually insert into Word although I have no WP or Secretarial Skills* I hope I can get it updated and SAVED 577 words Stairway to Heaven sounds like Linda’s song although it is also mine and I save my life buying everything from houses to education to Conferences to SAVE my life. Save my life through education where adults are forced into self reliance rather than being taught by the best most prime most qualified applicants. Another fucking smoke inhalation.636 words I seem to be making progress towards 1,600 and the Walk to Staples and back that is my physical salvation and simultaneous detox.

  2. I am the Walrus doesn’t sound very saved to me. What if you can’t cope with success? What if recognition causes you to freak out? how do you hold the secrets? 3:28pm The smokers don’t want to see the damaged cancerous lungs or the droopy dicks the cost incurred by the smoking fraternity. They come at you with arguments straight from the Tobacco industry. Save Linda LORD. At least I am saved from undue Career worries as a suitable working class occupation does it for all things and status isn’t a worry just non stop socialising babies husband and money in sufficient quantities to feed habits in Debenhams. They are not having ‘savings’ for their lungs and health.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Log Progress on Twitter 1,666 words quite an exertion so resting

Practice Practice Practice Write Crap that’s OK PhD Masters Learn to write like the Pro’s Books Papers Novels etc

Twitter is non contentious log up number per day. Quite exhausting. Will my day work?

Word Prompt Search in progress

Practice Practice Practice Write Crap that’s OK PhD Masters Learn to write like the Pro’s Books Papers Novels etc
1,666 words plus +
Word Prompts seem fairly common online. The options presented by Schools make interesting if simple reading: just tell it as it is no censorship etc.

Word Prompt : Word is SPY Where can I find a ready supply of prompts?

Practice Practice Practice Write Crap that’s OK PhD Masters Learn to write like the Pro’s Books Papers Novels etc

From 1:50 to 3:21 = 1,30 hours =1,281 words per minute.

Title : The Empirical Spy
A disturbing picture of oppression in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx scene.

Word Prompt

Practice Practice Practice Write Crap that’s OK PhD Masters Learn to write like the Pro’s Books Papers Novels

Word Prompt Practice



However much they might have agreed on the need for accuracy and truthfulness, historians down the ages have held wildly differing views on the purpose to which these things were to be put , and the way in which the facts they presented were to be explained.

The madelines looked enticing to one such as Proust but to Sarah they represented fat filled sponges of temptation. Nikki Sanders would she survive execution in some disturbing execution scene on HEROES? The World was full of temptation. TV Chefs discoursed in one direction and the Health nuts on the other and both were trying to survive.

Perhaps historical fact and accuracy had to be discerned by the canny viewers readers as they too were subject to the wild inaccuracies of advertising claims or the manifold claims of insurance companies.

Or historical fact in the way the histories were constructed from the historiies themselves.

Of course they were competing claims of course minorities tried to asssert themselves into national histories to survive but when one was EXCLUDED then the shit hit the fan.

The historians fancied themselves to be like HEROES regenerating diseased flesh, zapping the errant chemicals that had gone awry. Perhaps academia had gone a bit HEROISH but the results

The contradictory pulls of culture this way that way and historical faithfulness.

The struggle for life of the HEROES even in the face of adversity; this was gonna be a unforgettable journey which would end with the perpetrators being judged and called to account..

Like a war like a poem like a war like a poem the platonic perfection model dominated society.

Images of youthful perfection filled the screens in the world the Historians had constructed.

Images that never wrinkled or diseased or fell ill, images that denied the extremities of the human form in giantism and dwarfism or in gross handicapping deformity.

Eden gave up her life and her name long ago. How very much like us Sarah thought.

All the names on the Scroll of the Affected airbrushed out of history.

Life was full of sweet things too too such an extent one could happily abandon oneself in the arms of the good fortune that life laid out. But it wasn’t for all.

376 words

It is hard to be a hero is it hard to wave the magic wand and change things inhibiting LIFE.

Sure one could be harry potter on a good day.

408 words

I am sitting on my computer chair, opposite the sofa a two seater, heroes is on. Peter petrelli who has gotton all sorts of abilities is being driven mad by the experience. The garden is empty and quiet and I fear I am letting down Jean and I wish this working class people would learn how to cook.

It is frustrating to watch such dependence on Chinese’s and Corner shops when one has a cooker and can cook things for oneself.

The Invisible man 9/11 and other motifs are apparent in the Heroes dialogue. But also nightmares and dis-ability in different non stigmatising institutional formats. They are the struggles of the individuals without the degree of control of institutional environments.

532 words

Unlike Michael Palin who got such a reputation as a Travelogue these incarcerated Care Plan people were deprived of their dignity and self respect for needing care.

God TV is full of symbolism and imagery which has no basis in reality and these poor souls were subject to this without any intervention.

God TV are preaching hope message in vain.

Wordsworth word smith the scripts all over the place.

Me as a writer seems reluctant because the words don’t flow and my words seem cliched or burdened. But when I see what God TV are doing to PEOPLE it liberates my words and causes a flow in my being. I am enraged at what I see as stage managed controlling heavy shepherding of the flock for gain. Rory Alec is an obscenity from the mouth of hell.

As usaul shortage of money the canonical challenge of money.


Devil has tried time and again to steal hope from wendy and I but wendy and rory are steadfast but by implication.

Angels stir the water ACT NOW. I have needed to refreshed in my hope with the lord. pressure on viewers to ACT NOW.

In prison rory alec feels like he is in prison. (past Behind the Screens HK)

Now who is re-writing history?

738 words

Brother Johnny Woodrow was weeping. Words of hope from Altar Garrison. Super spiritual indifferent words. Build Season for us build foundation. Resource for multiplication.

763 words


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