I have done my 2000 words today test driving MS Office Home and Student 60 Day

Today for the first time I have done 2000 words. And not only 2000 words but 2000 words on this computer. I have been virtually two days on this pc and so this effort was a bit of a break-in to learning how to format a document in the MS Office and Student Format which unlike Open Office which I am used too; is full of strange ways of doing things. ( I don’t know how to use Office/MS Word/Star Office/Open Office in it’s entirety)

I wrote it for the first time in the Garden on my Table on a cushioned chair in the daylight being careful to avoid the bright Morning sun which has crashed this machine. So while I was typing I was also talking; to my neighbours in as light but considered way as possible i.e no problems, if mention is made of problems ‘Office Office Office’; light banter, back to point, so typing was not an antisocial thing; which I enjoyed. It also gave me a vantage point in being able to record what was going on in a voyeuristic manner remembering what J said to me in his harsh anti technological Minutes. The Social atmosphere was conducive to writing so writing was not just about just replying to programmes and or online.

The Document is open so I can scribble additional notes.

One thing I love about MS Office Home and Student is the Word Count Facility so instead of having to use the Drop Down Menu as in Open Office or other WP Clients the WP does it for me. This is useful and maybe a selling point for the Suite which has yet to be tested.

MS Word Trial 2008 Word count is one of the features I wish was on every WP software.

294 word count

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