Hello Internet Loving or Hateful and Hating World!!

Hello All!

It is an a daring reckless thing to even want never mind contemplate a Future, that is one worth having and having Dreams Come True.

A Research Draft Proposal Bid maketh Big Searches as does The Real Mc Coy Intellectual Conversations.

Then it is making sense of Your World and All the Hazards, Obstacles, Pitfalls, Dangers and Delights that there are thereto.

How does one proceed?

How I end up is probably going to be the Fruit of all this. At least the Intellectual Elements (Philosophy Now, Intellectual Gift of Proper Real Deal Challenging Conversations, Research Draft Bid which the R&D Manager thinks I may not be replying too WRONG!!, Public Lecture and Lecture Course Podcasts, Self-Generated Reading Lists and condusive atsmospheres to Future Making even though I am scared( and PhD’s at 91 have an oxymoronic air even if genuine original and even pioneering knowledge is added to the sacred pool)

A friend of mine who I hope is still alive-prostrate cancer-an Academic-two arms two legs and most ordinairy few famous all fit Criteria for Departmental Boasting) thinks I need to get that Book out, do a Theorist he quoted. just do it. Don’t wait till I feel able to face grindstone of University again which I have every intention of enjoying and winning if i get courage to leave here and get in.(Research Intensive Only please Russell Group and 1994 Group

233 words

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