Book 41 ‘Writing for Social Scientists”How to start your Thesis Book , or Article’ Howard Becker

Current Count:(41 )Books Current Read ( Booth 43 concurrent carry on with Barney and Strauss The Discovery of Grounded Theory Book 42 )
Paper/s Read ( Download fever all deadly serious) Podcasts listening/ed to (none )
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? (4 )Library Books Due Date ( renewed but date procedure uncertain) READER WRITER NOTEBOOK (Yes draft1,114words)

A first class read. Becker makes some important points that need noting and acting on. One can enjoy his relaxed scholarly style which seems to make academic work FUN without denying the hard work and troubles associated with it. I like the fact he has friends and there are those with whom he feels secure to take risks with subjects/papers etc. You can see he is an Academic in the flow of things and that too shows.
Unqaulified recommendation with a note to get Becker to revise Technology Chapter as it’s out of date but Becker is what I call an ‘efficient Luddite’
Old fashioned images. Typewriter which I couldn’t cope with in real life as I depend on my Beloved Computer.

In honour of Becker’s Approach: Here comes the sun Beatles and Cheery End of Day songs

194 word count

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