Book 40 2007 :THE BIG 40 Howard Becker ‘Tricks of the Trade”How to think about your Research while You’re doing it’

Current Count:( 40)Books Current Read ( Howard Becker Writing for Social Scientists How to start and finish your Thesis Book , or Article ) READER WRITER NOTEBOOK DONE JUST EDIT AND TIDY

Paper/s Read ( none but some of extremely high qaulity) Podcasts listening/ed to (2 Neuroscience immersions and I Helen Kennedy which took me to my limit )
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? (4 but hopefully renewed )Library Books Due Date ( later than 28 Sept 2007 make note of Titles Citations and return and go back to)
Becker’s Guide to Complicating your Methodological Analysis without falling into chaos.
Assuming you are armed with and thoroughly trained in Research Methods ( I’m not yet!) This book will add to your range of armoury by expanding your perspectives and helping you to launch out into unchartered waters without feeling too insecure. This should be read along with Booth’ The Craft of Research’ as I am only half way through it raises important but entirely complimentary questions which address the insecurities coming from the unknown questions that feature in any real research. ( My ‘research puts me into the Unknown without any guiding posts only asking questions getting them answered, asking deeper questions and so forth).

I like Becker because he takes an sympathetic organic and curiosity driven approach to his Research. His comment about The Academy not liking it’s Research methodologies being applied to it is a moot point (Becker 1998,218) as he did Research into Campus life pp210-212). He is inspired rightly by Jazz, he is inspired rightly IMHO by LIFE and to my my way of thinking is more grass roots than your average Academic and I believe it makes him a Winner as evidence d by his academic awards and status in the Academic community as a whole.
He self -consciously and shamelessly writes for the Social Science Community but this book has wider implication for other Disciplines who are too locked up in their methodology to see beyond to what can be offered by other Disciplines. What this book will give you is the courage to learn how to revise your findings in the light of new evidence as Hughes does and that is a commendable practice. A First Class Read from a First Class Author.

366 word count

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